New trailer of Moonfall the following apocalyptic movie of Roland Emmerich

Moonfall, The following film by the director Roland Emmerich, Who in 1996 also headed Independence Day , just released trailer full of apocalyptic action. On this occasion we will see how the moon has come out of orbit, and is in progress to crash against our planet. The official synopsis says the following: > An unknown force hits the moon and takes it out of its orbit, sending it directly against the earth. A few weeks before the impact, with the world on the verge of annihilation, the Executive of NASA and Exastronaut Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) believes to have the key to saving humanity. But only the astronaut Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson) and the theorist of the KC Housman conspiracy (John Bradley) believe in it. You can enjoy this movie February 4, 2022 , if it is not delayed. Via: IGN

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