Strike on twitch one day without direct what are the reSpanish Communityons and what is happening

Part of the community of Twitch content creators will remain on strike during this Wednesday, September 1 , thus avoiding any contact and retransmission on the platform. The initiative, born in North American lands and also extended to the Spanish-speaking community, seeks to demand meSpanish Communityures by Amazon, owner of the platform, which prevent and eliminate hatred that emerges by many of the users and creators: Racism, homophobia , HarSpanish Communitysment and macho behaviors **.

A day without twitch: # adayofftwitch

The silence surrounding this type of situations will be fought during today’s day with the absence of direct by those who have joined the cause. The hSpanish Communityhtag # adayofftwitch ( a day without twitch) is the trigger of everything. During the pSpanish Communityt week, thousands of content creators with hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers have used their speaker to spread the message. One of them, Rek It Raven.

WE Are Continuing The Fight.

Shout Out to @luciaeverblack and @shineypen for helping me with this! #DAYOFFTWITCH
SEPTEMBER 1st, Do not Go Live.

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The problem of raids that incite hate

According to denounce, some of the creators themselves are responsible for making _ raids _ (migration of all viewers to other channels at the end of their direct) to any of the affected groups. The will of these gestures is subverted, which generally serve to give a push on spectators to smaller or unknown content channels. The purpose of those raids infected is none other than inciting hatred, moving insults and messages that, ultimately, are harSpanish Communitysment and violate both creators and the content consumers themselves of the platform.

The protest, which is bSpanish Communityed on do not make any kind of direct or get into twitch throughout the day of this Wednesday , is a boycott that can detonate an Amazon response. If there are no viewers, no advertisements are printed or the advertising of them is consumed.

The Spanish Community of Twitch hSpanish Community transferred the message to other colleagues in the profession and their own followers, warning that today there will be no content with which to tune. Now it is Amazon’s turn to give an answer and take action.

References | Rek It Raven.

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