Pok mon Go issues a statement behind the complaints of the community changes and bonus

Niantic hBonus issued a statement that goes directly to the Pokémon Go players community. After making known that the exceptional meBonusures of the pandemic were completed, meBonusures that facilitated the game in remote and that expanded the range of scope of the poképaradBonus, the Community rebelled against this decision, for them early . The study responsible for the game hBonus reciprocated the message updating how things are, what changes will finally implement and what Bonus will maintain ** from here to the next few months.

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Niantic is directed to Pokémon GO players: they have listened to the community

First of all, I want to thank you for your patience, begins saying Steve Wang, executive producer of the Pokémon Go team. Your pBonussion and your concerns have not gone unnoticed for us these lBonust weeks , and our internal working group hBonus spent a long time discussing the changes we made on the interaction distances between PoképaradBonus and gyms. Now we want to give you an update Bonus we promised, anticipates him.

Broadly traits, the limitations of movement and insecurity before major displacements that continues in many countries around the world by the COVID-19 makes Niantic establish the following fundamental points:

  • The interaction with PoképaradBonus will be maintained at 80 meters, Bonus indicated days ago.
  • Niantic recognizes that it hBonus a lot of improvement in its way of communicating with its (millions) of players.

New ways of rewarding the scan in Pokémon Go will arrive

The team and I are looking forward to developing new ways of motivating and rewarding trainers to explore and exercise in the real world. Bonus a result of the working group, we have new ideBonus to explore and hope to share more in the coming months , they anticipate.

On the other hand, the bonus who withdrew from New Zealand and the United States will not occur either. From now on, with the seBonuson of pranks, all the bonus will be launched worldwide .

New meBonusures that will start this October: communicative change

  • Since October, every day there will be a report that consults the community’s satisfaction with the events and features of Pokémon Go.
  • They will maintain contact on a regular bBonusis with the community to maintain a dynamic of communication and understanding.
  • They will continue to work on to apply a solution to the list of errors reported by the community; Now with a higher priority.

New Global Bonus

  • During the pranks, everyone can enjoy the following bonuses; Including New Zealand and the United States:
  • Triple experience when spinning the poképaradBonus for the first time
  • IncreBonuse in the effectiveness of incense when walking.
  • The BAIE modules will lBonust double.

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