Destiny 2 Update 3 3 0 1 Patnotics

Update 3.3.01 has arrived for Destiny 2 and here is the complete list of changes and troubleshootings added to this patch. Fortunately, these hotfixes came shortly after the start of Season of the Lost and iron out some of the mistakes and other problems associated with the brand new season of Destiny 2. It also adds some great quality quality options to use the ability to use cross-platform voice chat, which goes well with the recently added Cross-Play functionality of Destiny 2. Specific weapons and armor have also added some significant Nerfs that ensure a much more balanced experience that will undoubtedly compensate for things in competition. Everything is new with Destiny 2 Update

Destiny 2 Update Patnotics

Activities – seasonal

  • It has been fixed a problem in which the encounter with the ether collection could be softly locked when all ether wisps were destroyed.
  • A problem has been resolved in which objects could be removed when players left the activity while carrying them, making the activity softly locked.


  • A problem has been resolved, through which Atheon sometimes confused an invisible barrier to prevent guards from entering the glass vault

User interface / ux

  • It has been fixed a problem in which the text string pre-ordered for the 30th anniversary in Japanese, Polish and Russian has been reinforced and overlapped (other localization corrections for Japanese, Polish and Russian are fixed in Hotfix
  • Fixed a problem in which the description of Top Tree Dawnblade mentioned in German Sliding instead of Gliding
  • A problem has been resolved where some players could not drop solar key fragments.
  • Players who have remaining solstice key fragments can now reduce the entire stack of their inventory screen.
  • Incoming and outgoing toasts of bungie friends are no longer played before the choice of character.
  • It has been fixed a problem where some duty screens are not consistent when they have blocked a player in their bungie friends list.

Gameplay and investment


  • It has been resolved a problem that prevented player from changing the armor’s type of Lucky Pants
  • In fact, the cost of Global Reach was converted to three energy.
  • A problem has been resolved, which led to the fact that the fire and ice artefact mod less well produced as intended.
  • It has been solved a problem that prevented the seasonal iron banner armor sets of the season 15 and the new exotic armor shaders took.
  • The insertion cost of the liner fusion Rifle targeting mods artifact were corrected to 500 mica as with other mods
  • An issue has been resolved, through which the weapon aornaments of the Solstice Everversum Hunter 2021 were not visible in the list of ornaments
  • It has been solved a problem that led to the new exotic armor diraming Shards of Galanor the colors not properly displayed.
  • It has been resolved a problem that triggered the Radiant Dance Machines more frequently than intends to trigger armor mods and stasis fragments.
  • It has been fixed a problem that led to the Artifact Mod Fusion Rifle Scavenger uses old perks, giving players serious ammunition when they record special ammition stones.
  • A problem has been resolved in which the promethium track did not produce any additional combination cracks after the first.


  • Lorentz Driver has no navigation point for players in the crucible selected as goals. (Targeted players continue to have the red lights on their biped and continue to leave telemetry pattern during death. This change has no influence on the target behavior of PVE fighters.
  • Iron banner perks added to the possible property wages for peace binding and forge promises.
  • Peachbund can now cubes iron range
  • Blacksmith promise can now roll iron grip


  • A problem has been resolved in which certain stasis crystals caused an additional detonation damage to players.


  • Cross-play language chat has been activated
  • Some privacy settings for communication still do not work for Xbox players
  • Xbox players continue to hear voice and receive invitations from each, even if the privacy settings are set to friends or only friends in the game. Xbox players can continue to hear other Xbox players who are in their operational team, even if this player is on their mute list.

The witch king pre-order incentive

  • A problem has been resolved, through which the pre-order emblem of the Hexenkenigin Lucidity did not appear in the emblem collections of the players.
  • It should automatically appear in the collection for all players who have previously ordered.

As you can see, these are a lot of improvements to the game that not only fix a number of errors, but also make some significant changes to the gameplay and communication. The lost season has made a good start and these corrections should make it much better. If you need help with the new season, look at our Destiny 2 Weekly Challenge Guide.

Destiny 2 is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. For more information about this patch, visit the Official Destiny 2 page.

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