The story of the Gamer Day

As every year since 2008, on August 29 We celebrate the Gamer Day . A celebration that aims to vindicate video games and who like them, especially in regions such as ours, where this industry is not as developed as in other parts of the world, such as the United States or Japan.

Video Game Day , which was then known, especially in Latin America, as a Gamer Day, was born in Spain in 2008. It emerged from an initiative of the magazines PC Mania , Hobby Consoles and Playmanía , all three belonging to the German publishing group Axel Springer, but written in Spanish.

More than a decade ago, there were not so many content specialized in videogames for Hispanic speakers, hence this Gamer Day initiative carried out by Spanish journals has had success especially in Spain and Latin America **.

Apparently, the election of the date, on August 29, was but casual. It is said that the Gamer Day organizers decided to let them choose random ; They simply passed his finger over the calendar without looking and pointed out that day.

In one of the great powers of videogames, the USA has its own national video game . The tradition of its celebration is older, although there is no talk of a single date, but two. The first National Day of Videogames in the USA UU It was on July 8, 1991, as determined in a Pennsylvania newspaper, the president of Kid Video Warriors, event sponsors. In 1997, when the organization stops being a sponsorship, and after several changes of date, it is established on September 12 as National Video Games Day.

Videogame history

Despite the fact that large Japanese companies such as or Nintendo have played a fundamental role in the development and expansion of videogames, especially in console, the United States is usually cited as the birthplace of this form of this form of entertainment.

There are different opinions regarding which is the first video game of history . Some place it in the invention developed by Thomas Goldsmith and Stele Ray Man , which patented in 1948; It was an apparatus to play a videogame that they called cathode ray entertainment device . This machine is the seed of video games in the sense that it was about playing through some controls to a game that appeared on a screen, however, many do not consider it the first video game because that device was more similar to a TV than to a computer.

First computer to execute a video game was presented in 1951 in the United Kingdom . It was called Nimrod , and executed a mathematical game known as NIM. From the development of this invention and the device of Goldsmith and Ray Man, other machines and other video games were appearing, this time not thought not as much as engineering experiments, but as pure entertainment.

One of the pioneer videogames is Spacewar!, 1962 , which was not only of the first game for computer, but also found in the origins of the ESPORTS. In 1972, a Spacewar Championship was held at Stanford University! That is considered the first video game competition . This opened a new dimension, since it was no longer only an individual entertainment, but in a way it was equated to traditional sports practices.

In this sense, the popularization of Internet , which allowed to play massively non-face-to-face, was another milestone in the history of videogames and eSports.

More recently, a new piece was added to the structure that holds the world of videogames: Streaming . Mainly Twitch has meant a huge popularity jump for ESPORTS. On June 6, this live broadcasting platform was 10 years of existence .

Initially, Twitch transmissions were limited to videogame items, but it has been diversifying over time and each time it reaches a wider and diverse audience . First, it was passed on to the transmissions of other games, which have reached the thousands of spectators; Last year, for example, Dutch Lex Veldhuis brought together about 60,000 people to contemplate a game of poker. Then, together with the specialized channels, others emerged over various thematic, which are tremendously popular; This has done that each time more profiles resort to Twitch instead of traditional media . They even do the big brands; Last September, for example, Burberry became the first fashion brand to partner with Twitch.

Of course, twitch Twitch account in Spanish was also agreed on Gamer Day.

This Sunday is the # Díadelgamer ???? > > How will you celebrate it? > > – Twitch ES (@twitches) August 25, 2021 Although it is way to go, the celebration of August 29 is increasingly popular in Mexico , the Latin American country, which, according to Global Web Index, leads the region in the percentage of Internet users who play videogames in consoles. Mexican Gamers amount to 63 million people , which generate income to the industry of about 1,900 million dollars.

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