LOL Warning Sand Guardia is the Skin Fan Made that even has personalized skills

The Deleague of Legends community has always been delighted with its creations. Whether they are Fanarts, Cosplays, songs and content about Lore, there is something for all and a really high quality. Today we present it to Veigar Guardian of the Arenas, a conceptual art imagined by the Swedish artist Alfie Jäärf that surprises her detail in the skills.

Legends Of Aria Lost Its Vision

A conceptual art that makes you want the skin

Our artist decided to revive a family of aspects that had been present for a long time in La Crack, that of the Arenas Guardians. This set designed to give you more packaging to the Shurima region was created in 2014 with Kha’zix and Skarner. Since then, it has expanded with 7 new champions, being the last Janna , RENGAR and RYZE Guardians of the Arenas launched by 2020).

At the animation level is where there is more topic. The artist has done everything possible to imagining all the skills of Veigar Guardian of the Arenas. We will notice the details that are given to each spell, especially in the cage of your E – horizon of events whose perimeter is delimited by obelisks inspired by Egyptian history, but also in its R – Primordial burst who sends explosive energy to the enemy in the form of a beetle, a symbol of that time. We do not know at this time if the artist has plans to launch a matching splashart, but we would love to see the result.

However, it is not expected to see you have a new skin in the short term, since he received a very recently, more specifically last July. It was about veigo astronaut, but we would like Riot Games to receive this idea and apply it in the future.

Meanwhile, you can see the Art Station of him and admire the other creations of him.

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