Who is Maxim s sister in Free Fire

NS Free Fire 28 August 2021, i.e., with the Extreme Day set for tomorrow, the celebration of the 4th anniversary is already running. Players will get the Thiva Character for free, as well as a special Gold Royal will get more

The series of events started almost a week ago, in which the attractive set of awards was offered. Free Fire Anniversary Quiz started on August 20, 2021 and has a parachute and pin in the form of reward to answer the questions in a specific number. This event is close to its closing, whose end date is 29 August 2021.

Free Fire Fourth Anniversary Quiz Answer

Developers have released daily questions for 27 August 2021. Here is the question with the correct answer:

Question: Who is Maxim’s sister?

Option 1: Caroline

Option 2: Xayne

Option 3: Misha

Option 4: Kelly

The correct answer to this question is Misha.

If the user finds it wrong by completing the daily mission, then they can get more opportunities to answer the question.

Maxim Character in Free Fire

Description: Maxim is a competitive eater

Maxim’s ability is called loll. When the player equip this character, then increase the speed of eating passive ability and using medkits up to 15%.

Gradually, this speed increases up to 40% at the highest level.

Mishra’s character in Free Fire

Description: Misha is a very talented racer.

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There is also a passive ability called AfterbuNer in Misha. Driving speed increases by using this character. While living in the vehicle, it is difficult to target Character, and there is a lack of 5% in damage.

When reaching the maximum level, the increase in driving speed becomes 20%. The above damage is reduced to 30%.

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