What is B2K s Free Fire ID In

Born 2 Kill, which is also known as B2, is a well-known name in the free fire community worldwide. NS Material Manufacturer has collected a huge viewer class due to its incredible gameplay video. The number of current customers is approximately 7.94 million.

In the last 30 days, Born 2 Kill has collected 140k clients and 12.29 million views on their main YouTube channel.

B2K’s Free Fire ID and Stats

B2K’s Free Fire ID is 320653047. Their statistics within the game are as follows:

Ajven Stats

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B2’s 9132 squaves are played and claimed the first position on 1613 occasions. It comes down to the win rate of approximately 17.66%. With 52827 eradication, he maintains the death-death ratio of 7.03.

He has participated in 3111 couple games, with a winning ratio of 16.32% with 508 victories. The content maker has recorded 14656 murders and the / D ratio is maintained 5.63.

The player has been unbeaten 173 in 1409 single games, which resulted in 12.27 percentage. There are 4650 pieces in his name, which is converting to 3.76 K / D ratio.

Ranked statistics

YouTuber has participated in 55 squad games in Rank Season 22 and has made its opponents better than 36.36% victory. He has noted 501 kils which gives them 14.31 / D ratio.

Born 2 Kill has participated in 40 pair matches and has made its opponents better in 9 games, resulting in 22.50% win rate. He has deposited 299 pieces in the season, whose K / D ratio is 9.65.

Streamer has not yet participated in the single sports ranked.

Note: The figures used in the article were recorded at the time of writing and therefore it can change because it plays more games in the free fire.


B2K is the leader of the only.gods Guild in Free Fire. Guild’s ID is 63294302.


According to the social blade, Bourne is estimated to earn in the range of $ 3.1k – $ 49.2K.

Youtube channel

The YouTube channel of Born 2 Kill is run by the brothers of real life – Moiz and Walid. The channel’s video has been seen more than 505 million times. The most viewed clips are 14 million views.

The location of their channel has been determined as Italy, where they have been given second place in case of customers according to social blade.

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