LOL Does the most rare champion in history So it was the great aberration that arrived six seasons ago

The new champions of League of Legends have been very criticized by the community due to its extravagant mechanics and for having the ability to ridicule the oldest characters of the game. However, many players have forgotten that this is not a precisely new trend of the developer, who has already tried to break the mold on numerous occasions in the past. In fact, its stranger creation arrived, very probably, six years ago in the form of _rework _ .

The Titan Colossal of League of Legends

We are talking about Mordakaiser . This champion received the first great update of it on the occasion of the infamous patch of the colossos. A version that changed the way of acting Riot Games with respect to the large adjustments that used to carry out before large competitions. Situation of which this particular character was mainly responsible since in the 2015 WorldS he accumulated one presence of 98.6% being banned in 68 games and winning the 4 in which he was played.

What is striking this great review of Mordekaiser launched in 2015 is not only the extraordinary capacity of him to win games, if not the particularly high number of unique mechanics who introduced the champion. Riot Games decided to make it viable by force in the lower lane allowing it to achieve a greater amount of experience than the rivals, making their main damage source based on basic attacks and even giving a pet dragon by achieving the neutral target.

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The problem of Mordekaiser when settling in the game also served for the developer to learn about his own systems. The champion was able to do so many things that they had to go cutting functions and statistics to get it finally balanced. However, when he reached that point he felt too weak and only a few extraordinarily dedicated players struggled to get him out.

It was one of the great lessons that League of Legends has received throughout its history and the one that is probably considered the weirdest champion of all those who have ever stepped on the crack of the invoker . From him, there is only the particular dragon of him recycled for the Ultimate Spellbook game mode.

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