This is how the new Xbox controls designed by indigenous artisans

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Neverwinter - Xbox - Lliira's Celebration
A couple of weeks ago, Xbox Mexico announced that to celebrate the International Day of Indigenous Peoples , they would be collaborating with three of the 68 indigenous communities that exist within the Mexican Republic in the Creation of three new controls for consoles and here you can see how they were left.

Through an official statement, Xbox Mexico announced that they searched three communities of indigenous artisans so that they will use a control of xbox as a canvas, and in this way, transform it into an authentic craft part collection that Show the ancestral heritage of Mexico through incredible traditional designs that enlist our culture.

One of these communities are the Huichols or Wixárikas, originating in the mountainous area of ​​ Nayarit, Jalisco and Zacatecas. Grisella Carrillo Carrillo was the artisan huichol who collaborated with cukate , a Mexican modern art brand, for the creation of this xbox control.

The second control comes from the Community Olinalá de Guerrero, which was intervened by artisans of the training unit to rescue, preserve and potentialize the art of the lacquered of Olinalá , of Institute of Training for Olinal Work (ICAT – Olinalá).

Last but not least, we have the community Tenango of the state of Hidalgo . The artisans of Tenangos Ma Hoi were responsible for the personalization of this third control, which stands out for a series of colors inspired by the emotions of the artisans that embroidered it.

When can you acquire one of these controls? Never, since they were not intended to get on sale. Here we leave you a gallery with the creation and design process.

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