Pok mon Go Trainer Report by weird bug in developments of Evoli

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Inpokémon Go repeatedly report players in the development of evoli in the last few days. The development to Feelinara can not be triggered despite the satisfied requirements. We from Meinmmo looked at us what it’s about and explain it to you.

This is the problem: On the weekend of 14 and 15 August 2021, the monthly community day took place in Pokémon Go. In August, the event turned around the Pokémon Evoli. But now more and more trainers are reporting problems with developing this special Pokémon.

That’s the problem developing Evoli

After the Community Day with Evoli, the notifications about problems developing Evoli in Feelinara are piling up. So AJMA93632 writes on Reddit that she has already collected 70 hearts as a buddy with her Evoli and could develop it to Feelinara (via reddit.com). However, due to missing sweets, she still had to wait and now the development is no longer possible.

Other trainers, such as Zestyclesquestion64, are affected by this problem and are not sure to be alone (via reddit.com). The notifications in social networks are striking that most players have earned the hearts with Evoli before or during the community Days.

For this reason, there is only a guess through the reddit users, what could be: at the community day. So it writes EntiKeuteah7000: I think it’s a bug connected to the community day, maybe I just have to wait until you fix it (via reddit.com).

Why could it be at the Community Day with Evoli?

This has come to a mistake by the previously took place Community Day sounds conceivable for further coaches. In contrast to other monsters, Evoli can rely on 8 further developments.

However, these can not all be easily triggered by pressing a button, but require different requirements depending on the further development. For example, you have to set appropriate modules for Folipurba and Glaciola or meet certain running requirements for Nachtara and Psiana.

To develop Feelinara, players need to take the Evoli as a buddy and collect with this 70 hearts. This is correspondingly time consuming. For this reason, the requirements for community day were adjusted. So Evoli needed only 7 hearts for this development during the event.

That’s why some coaches, like Rhinaz, think that the Evoli had not earned 70 hearts yet and a development previously only because of the changed requirement was possible (via reddit.com). Thus, the coaches would have to even collect the missing heart and then develop it.

Do Trainers have to re-collect the 70 hearts?

What could be the problem with Evoli? But there is another theory that has to do with the requirements for Evoli development. Thus, other reddit users like Mizznox suggest that the counter has been completely reset after the Community Day and the 70 hearts have to be recreated now (via reddit.com).

That the counter has been reset, Pandaman467 also believes. He explains REDDIT that his successful kilometers for the development of FleckNOil are deleted (via reddit.com). Whether the requirement counter to develop Feelinara or other Pokémon has actually been reset, however, is not officially confirmed.


Whether Niantic will fix this mistake in a timely manner or the affected players must re-earn the hearts is not known so far. If there is a new information, then you will learn it here, on Meinmmo.

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Are you also affected by the problem and can not currently develop Evoli to Feelinara? Or have you developed all Evoli during the community day? Write us your opinion here in the comments.

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