The Ascent Update with corrections and more published

For The Ascent, Patch 1 is available for Xbox consoles and Windows 10, which fixes a number of errors, such as co-op, stability, mission corrections and more.

patch notes

Platform Parity

  • Ray Tracing is now available for players in the Windows Store.


  • Corrections to improve performance in DX12, also with Ray Tracing.
  • Note to the players: At the first start of the update, there will be a 20-25 second standstill when loading the main menu to allow caching before you play. This is a unique event.
  • Improved invite from NPCs.
  • CPU power mode for less powerful PCs.
  • Numerous cases of ‘unique’ crashes were resolved both in single player and coop mode on all platforms. (Some other cases remain, we work hard to fix them for the next update).
  • Local Koop fixes problems with the controller focus of player 1 and player 2 in certain menus.
  • Numerous other bug fixes have been made to improve the stability of local and online cooop, including bug fixes when disconnecting controllers, problems starting a new game with 3 players and bug fixes for unstable Internet connection.
  • A problem has been resolved, in which under certain circumstances at the end of Mission 12 a black screen appeared.
  • It has been fixed a problem in which it sometimes takes too long until you return to the main menu after playing.
  • It has been fixed a problem in which the loading of areas was slower when the client contributed to the game while the host used the taxi.
  • Some problems with weapon replication in the online coop were fixed.
  • There have been some problems in cross-platform hot-joining, where clients had problems to connect to the host.

Storage progress

  • A new system has been introduced to avoid situations where memory files could be damaged.
  • Fix situations in the Coop in which the host leaves the game and the client loses progress.
  • Fix situations in the Coop in which players could experience progress blockers in certain situations.
  • It has been fixed a problem in which the objects of a client have not been unpacked after a host had disconnected.
  • It has been fixed a problem in which a client could lose the connection when he contraded to an ongoing game.


  • A problem has been fixed in which one could unlock the main mission and the secondary mission under false conditions.
  • A problem has been fixed in which the mission target in Mission 2 has not been updated during Go to Grinder.
  • The problem that several bosses could spawn has been fixed, e.g. Papa Feral, Megarachnoid (spiderboss), Gun-Dolph.
  • The Casino-Kurier Supplement 1 – 5, where you sometimes could not progress because NSCs were missing were fixed.
  • The custom camera for the secondary mission, Dark Horse ‘has been fixed.
  • The custom camera for the bartender in Stimtown has been fixed.
  • The problem that, Dark Horse sometimes could not be completed because the NSC remained in a distinctive state, has been fixed.
  • A problem has been fixed in which the volatile reinforcement had no effect on neutral.
  • A problem has been fixed in which the siege mech could emerge again in prison after the death of a player.
  • The problem that the Journal symbol of the Snooze dealer was a white square was fixed.
  • The damage scaling of the Pocket Mech-MiniGun has been corrected so that it becomes stronger with increasing level.
  • Allows the use of certain augmentation during rolling.
  • Cost / cooldown / efficiency of life transfer, neutron beam and overclocking have been balanced.


  • Numerous corrections have been made to resolve cases where English was displayed instead of the right language.
  • It is further worked on improving the quality of translations, and further general errors are fixed.
  • A problem in Japanese has been fixed in which the text in the intro-cut scene overlapped.

Diverse other corrections

  • A problem has been fixed in which the death screen has replaced the SFX & VO after victory over the Megarachnoid. * It has been fixed a problem in which shoot-sfx were heard in the dream world, without enemies were present. * Cyberdeck visible in the journal. * News are now playing in the taxi. * Film grain toggle switch added to the graphics menu. * The SFX for the shots of the dismemberners who could be missing from customers were fixed. * Preview for Auto Turret and Pocket Mech in Vendors has been corrected. * The collision box of the MetroLink inputs of Cluster 13 has been fixed. * Various UI corrections.

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