Splitgate developers are open to the idea of having a solo campaign

Splitgate has raised millions of players in its beta, consolidating its place as one of the successful arena shooting games in the community today. The team behind Splitgate has recently mentioned the opportunity for the game to offer a story mode or a solo campaign mode in a tiktok video.

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I think there is certainly something there. It’s really cool for me that there is this kind of story, even if it’s a multiplayer game and it’s not necessarily a campaign story, , said the developers at the meeting. Questions and answers Tiktok. _This sets up what’s going on.

Although they have remained without commitment to the idea, they were certainly open to the idea that Splitgate has a story similar to the live royal battle games that are currently available on the market. Similar games on the market have a narrative and global in-game universe that is built from one season to the next. That said, splitgate featuring something of the same nature is definitely on the table.

For the moment, the beta version of splitgate will continue indefinitely because its developers always work hard to develop the game and improve it on the backend, with more new content planned for the exit with future updates. Although a splitgate history or a solo mode can happen in the game in the future, the fans of the game should not necessarily expect a complete solo campaign.

A history campaign should feed an additional context for Splitgate’s arena battles, which currently presents red and blue armored characters fighting with various weapons and portals. Although its battles against several players will remain the goal and gameplay of splitgate, fans may want some traditions serve as a background frame behind all the fighting, the technology of the gate and the cards on which they play.

For the moment, the cards presented in Splitgate have no narrative reason to be there. It should be noted, however, that the developers have added some features, such as an Easter Egg Terminator at the Lavawell card, to give more flavors to cards and make them more interesting.

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