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No VR? Do not worry

So you are broke and can not make a VR headset with which you can play Half Life: Alyx. They have seen the glowing reviews – the Goty-worthy reviews – and now rigid aggressively on their bank balances to increase the numbers through the power of positive thinking or such a magic.

Try it as you like, it will not work. But do you know something that could help? This list of sound mobile play alternatives to Valves Newest Hit. Yes, Half-Life: Alyx is a VR game, I know, so I decided for titles that reflect the essence of the Half-Life series itself.

The world of Half-Life is a dystopic nightmare with a strong focus on science fiction strangeness and physics-based puzzles. That’s a pretty broad order.

1 Dead Effect 2

Developer: Badfly Interactive Editor: Badfly Interactive Available to: iOS + Android Genre: Action, Sagittarius Learn more about Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a Horror FPS that plays in the distance of space. You will pick it up with a horde zombies in the narrow corridors of the ship while trying not to understand the so hot story.

Fortunately, the fight is far better and offers a crispy, powerful arsenal of weapons that the meaty undead can be torn apart. It is certainly one of the better single-player FPS titles that we have on mobile devices, and his disgusting presentation is still pretty impressive years after the start.

2 white day

Developer: ROI games available to: iOS + Android + virtual reality Genre: Action, Adventure Learn more about White Day

White Day may not be the most obvious game on the list, but I think it’s important to note the horror elements of Half Life. In particular, Half-Life 2 offers one of the most famous horror levels of all time: Ravenholm.

Once a busy city, it now houses an army of muttered head crab zombies, which will tear it with different saw blades that are distributed over the level. It is a violent, intense and often scary detour, which is rightly considered one of the most famous sections of the series.

White Day is a terribly good survival horror game, which definitely offers you fewer fighting opportunities against its creeping monsters. Despite the doubtful voice output, it offers a decent feeling for atmosphere and even the strange fear.

3 The silent age

Developer: House in Flaming Editor: House in Flames Available to: iOS + Android Genre: Adventure, Puzzle Learn more about The Silent Age

The Silent Age takes you on a journey through time with Joe, a modest caretaker, who someday pushes to a goal in the future.

With its new forces Joe jumps to 2012 just to learn that the world was devastated by a mysterious power. Cue an epic adventure, where you master your new time travel capabilities, hopefully save the day. It is a stylish point-and-click mystery that connects slow drama with huge science fiction revelations.

4 Republique

Publisher: Camouflaj Available to: iOS Genre: Action Learn more about Republique

Republique is located in a totalitarian state with surveillance cameras on every square centimeter of the city, which grasp everything that happens. If you use the CCTV network as your eyes, you navigate through the world of the game and avoid secretly driven.

There is a decent story to tell, as well as many funny collectibles to build worlds that you can chase. It is a solid game that works well on touchscreens and offers a fascinating environment with strong City 17 Vibes.

5 Gemini rue

Publisher: Wadjet Eye Games available to: iOS + Android + Steam Genre: Adventure Learn more about Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue is a part of Film Noir Mystery, a part Cyberpunk thriller. The story here is divided between the rainy streets of a dystopic city and a floating prison called Center 7, both of which are equally fascinating scenes for different reasons.

The point-and-click puzzles are rarely annoying and complement the action in an interesting, logical way. In every area you explore to find your lost brother or escape from prison, there is a dense atmosphere.

His worlds resemble Half-Life in their rich-containing storytelling from the environment and a number of convincing puzzles that they will undoubtedly like to solve.

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