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That the VfL Alfter would emerge from the Thursdays day as a league leader, then it did not look for a long time. Until the 82nd minute, the SV led in 1910 Breinig through a Simons goal, which deserves fully until the half-time break, as the guts had clear field advantages. After restart, Alfter, however, found the right means and now dominated that happen. But it took a long breath, marriage in the 82nd minute captain Dogan achieved compensation by faulerfeter. The VFL remained hungry and in the 88th minute by Prangenberg, the game even turned completely on his side. I’m incredibly proud of the team and will not have a voice tomorrow, said a lucky Alfter coach Bogdan Komorowski after playing. For Breinig, the situation looks completely different, after the 0: 5 on the 1st match day in Pesch remains the SVB forest.

But of course, the table picture is also a very brittle snapshot on the middle Rhine. And so, of course, there is a look into the tracker field: Here the highly agreed 1st FC Düren had to leave the Siegburger SV 04 points (1: 1). The FC Hennef 05, however, made his club name all honor and climbed through the 5-0 in Eilendorf in third place. Triple scorer Celal Cani ranked one of the scorer list. The 1st Game Day Saw Tornful Players of the FC Pesch came back from Glesch-Paffendorf this time with a 1: 1.

On the other places, the SV Deutz 05 in Wesseling-Urfeld turned a 0: 1 pause residue into a 2: 1 victory, during the VFL Vichttal (4: 1 in Frealdenhoven) and Viktoria Arnoldsweiler (3: 0 against Fortuna Cologne II) Significant victories.

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