The Ascent Update Patchotias of 19 August

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For The Ascent, a new update is available, and here is the complete list of changes and troubleshootings added to this patch. This update is currently rolled out on all platforms. It brings platform parity to the Windows Store / Game Pass PC versions and the Steam version and finally adds raytracing to the former. This patch also introduces multiple bug fixes and improves the DX12 power on the PC. Everything is new with the update of 19 August for The Ascent.

The Ascent Update patchotias of 19 August

Platform Parity

  • RayTracing is now available for players in the Windows Store.


  • Corrections to improve performance in DX12, also with raytracing.

  • Note for players: When you first run the update, there will be a 20-25 second, fault in the main menu when loading into the main menu, so that something can be cached slightly before playing. This is a unique event.

  • Improved loading of NPCs

  • CPU power mode for PCs of the lower price range

  • Numerous cases of one-time crashes were resolved both in single player and COOP mode on all platforms. (Some other cases remain, we work hard to fix them for the next update).

  • Local Coop corrections where players 1 and players have 2 controller focus problems in specific menus.

  • Numerous other crash fixes have been made to improve the stability of Coop both locally and online, including fixes when disconnecting controllers, problems when starting a new game through 3 players and fixes when the internet connection becomes unstable.

  • Fixed a problem in which under certain circumstances at the end of Mission 12 a black screen was displayed.

  • It has been resolved a problem in which it sometimes lasted too long to return to the main menu after the game.

  • Problems have solved the loading of the area for the client that accumulates the game, after the host has used the taxi.

  • Some problems with weapon replication in Online Coop have been fixed.

  • Some problems with cross-platform hot-join have been fixed where clients had problems to connect with the host

Store progress

  • Introduction of a new system to bypass situations where backup files could be damaged.

  • Fix situations in Coop in which the host leaves the game, which could lead to the client losing progress.

  • Fix situations in Coop in which players can experience progress blockers in certain situations.

  • An error has been fixed in which the objects of a client deposited after the connection of a host has been disconnected.

  • It has been fixed a problem in which a client may lose the connection if he accumulates to a running game during operation.


  • An Achievement problem has been resolved in which you could unlock the main mission and the secondary mission under false conditions.

  • Fixed a problem in which the mission destination has not been updated during Go to Grinder in Mission 2.

  • The problem where several bosses could spawn has been fixed. eg Papa Feral, Megarachnoid (Spider Boss), Gun-Dolph.

  • The casino courier co-missions 1 – 5 were fixed in which they sometimes could not proceed due to missing NPCs.

  • The custom camera for the secondary mission Dark Horse has been fixed.

  • The custom camera for BARKEEPER in STIMTOWN has been fixed.

  • The situation has been fixed in which Dark Horse sometimes could not be completed because the NPC remained in a frightened state.

  • A problem has been resolved in which the volatile augmentation had no effect when using on neutral.

  • It was resolved a problem through which the siege mech in prison could reappear after the death of a player.

  • An error has been fixed in which the map icon of the Snooze Dealer’s Journal was a white square.

  • The damage scaling of the Pocket Mech-MiniGun has been corrected to make it stronger when climbing.

  • Allows you to use certain augmentation during rolling.

  • Balanced costs / cooldown / efficiency of Life transfer, neutron beam and overclocking


  • Many corrections have been made to resolve cases where English was displayed instead of the right language.

  • Further work to improve the quality of translations as well as other general bug fixes will be continued.

  • A problem has been resolved in Japanese, where the text overlapped in the intro intermediate sequence.

Different other fixes * It has been fixed a problem in which the death screen replaced the SFX & VO after the Megarachnoid was defeated. * It was resolved a problem in which sometimes in Dreamworld the shooting of SFX was heard without present enemies. * Cyberdeck visible in the journal * News plays now in the taxi * Added film grain switch to the graphics menu * Fixed a problem in which the fragment SFX was missing for clients. * Prevention of AUTO TURRET and POCKET MECH fixed in Vendors. * The collision box of the MetroLink inputs of Cluster 13 has been fixed. * Different UI fixes. The ascent is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. For more information about this patch, see the Official Curve Digital Site. * * * * * *

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