Hattrick Lok Leipzig Nattermann is greedy away

After 63 minutes the working day was finished for Nattermann. The good hour has served the attacker to shoot his team with a Hattrick to the second away win in the second game of the still young season in the stranger. Even at first he had a significant share. At Optik Rathenow he was responsible for two of the three goals at the 3-0 victory.

There was a special Lob for the 28-year-old coach Almedin Civa – but only on demand. If he is fit, he is very disgusting, said the coach, who certifies his striker, very well worked. And the gates? He’s just there, said Civa Lapidar. He can actually make a fourth.

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Schearstekt at Ziane

Three were synonymous enough, the fourth then controlled the djamal ziol for Nattermann egg-changed Djamal Ziane four minutes before the end. For the 29-year-old, the game was then before the final whistle after a clash, Ziane lost shortly the consciousness and had to be brought to the hospital to Bad Saarow, as the club announced.

Won earned

But then could start the journey home. With three points in the luggage. And a satisfied coach. We make three really well-played goals, says Civa, whose team controlled the game in the second passage controlled and only one hundred percent approved. His conclusion: deserved won. Also because Nattermann stood correctly.

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