The listing of the listing of the last anniversary Code2040 announced November 10th to stop operation

Taiwan online banking developed big escape shooting Electric Play code2040 announced yesterday (11) day announced that the operation will be officially stopped on November 10 this year.

Code2040 debut in 2018, after the 2019 Taipei Electric Play Exhibition, and the beta test in August 2020, the Electric Play was officially launched on January 20 this year.

This work-on PVP, PVE is equally, and Taiwan is also one of the characteristics of the original main, not only background setting in the thirteen slice of Taiwan’s water hole, the shape of blue and white drag is also very, but unfortunately The full anniversary will soon withdraw from the market.


The Code2040 team has issued the annoying announcement of Facebook , indicating that the feedback and suggestions of all walks of life have not been able to reach the player’s expectations at this stage, and there is no way to give a sustainable future, so decided to stop updating .

Code2040 has taken the lead in closing the Electric Play stored value in yesterday, and will officially close the Electric Play service on November 10, which can still log in to the Electric Play normally during this period.

According to netizens, the reason for Code2040 can’t escape the operation is not in the market, and the optimization is not perfect, there is no way to seize enough guests. Although I can’t stand firm, some people pointed out that the art concept is in fact, and it is not bad if it makes a single Electric Play.

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