Pok mon Go New Evoli Change is a mistake says Niantic

Inpokémon GO has recently been an important change in Evoli developments. Niantic says that the change is not intended, but first in the game remains. Luckily the players.

What is this for a change? For a few days, you can develop Evoli to Psiana or Nachtara, without having to go back 10 kilometers. This requirement is actually standard for the two developments.

Players came right this change right, because the community day with Evoli is coming to the door and that would save a lot of running work. Now Niantic explains that this is a bug. But you want to let him in the game first.

Change at Nachtara and Psiana only a bug – but a good one

says Niantic: On Twitter, the Support of Niantic wrote on August 12, which has on its most recent evoli change. Trainer noted the important change in Evoli for the community day, but were not sure if this was intended.

The developers write: Trainer, a mistake is responsible for there that there is no running requirement when you develop Evoli to Nachtara or Psiana, while it’s your buddy. We will not fix this mistake at 19 o’clock before 16 August. So after the upcoming community-day event (via twitter.com).

The players say: When the mistake became known, coaches were happy. Because the community day in August, many evoli want to be trapped and developed. The fact that you do not have to cover 10 kilometers for these two developments to develop a Pokémon is a great help.

The trainers react similarly to the new announcement from the support of the game.

  • That’s really very helpful for the community day. Bug or not, thank you that you allowed this for the community day, Niantic (LicenseTodraw via twitter.com)
  • What a good decision, but it would be better if you have installed that as a community day bonus, since that’s just a bug. But it is still great, well done. I hope you have good decisions from September (Jubel Chef via Twitter.com)
  • Other players believe that Niantic can not fix the change so easily and therefore the error remains longer in the game longer (via reddit.com)

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What does that mean for you? If you want to develop now and during the Community Days your Evoli to Nachtara or Psiana, you have to select Evoli only as your buddy and then develop it either at night or during the day.

This facilitates your developments immensely and takes many kilometers as a requirement for Nachtara and Psiana for the time being from the game. If you want to secure one of these developments, you should definitely, before Niantic fixes the mistake.

In the next few weeks, many more exciting appointments will start for trainers. All events in August 2021 at Pokémon Go can be found here.

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