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With these snacks, the community day with Evoli Inpokémon Go becomes the success. In the community of Reddit, a picture is shared, which shows snacks in the optics of Evoli. Even at Shinys was thought.

What’s up? In Pokémon Go runs today, on 15 August, the second day of the community Days with Evoli. During the event, coaches expect bonuses as a shortened slip distance and heaps of spawns from Evoli.

Fits the event began to bake fans of the Pokémon. They conjured the perfect snacks to the celebrations.

Evoli snacks look at bite – even with Shiny

These are the snacks: On Reddit JoEyC5011 announces a photo of the Macarons on the evening of August 14th, which were made extra to the Community Day (via reddit.com).

JoeyC5011 writes: I hope you enjoy your day. I had difficulty finding the right color for the Shiny, so I decided here for this …. I captured a few shinys and get a good shiny. Have a safe and nice day.

On the Tumblr profile of Joeycannon511 you will find other Pokémon snacks, which were obviously baked suitable for the community days. How hardlike or WABLU.

How to use the community day with evoli optimal

That’s just going on: In August, the community day runs on two days, instead of just one day. Today, on 15 August, Evoli is in focus again. We have some content for you, which help you to make the most out of the event.


  • The MeinmMo Guide for the Community Day with Evoli – Here we show you all bonuses and content that are relevant to the event
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  • All contents of You have the choice for Evoli – the ticket can also be purchased today, on Sunday, still in the shop and solve all tasks. We show you which quests and content unlock it
  • The strongest evoli development: We have viewed all possible developments of Evoli and divided, which is the strongest development. If you want to get the most out of the event, that’s a good foundation
  • Just learn Evoli developments special attacks – an overview of the new attacks that can now learn binna and the other developments. The event ends on Monday, August 16th
  • The ticket is good, but the we do not get my money – a summary of the mood in parts of the community of Pokémon Go. Coaches find that the 1 € ticket has a good value, but do not want to buy anything before 1st of September. Because then an important change could be due.

How do you spend the community day in August with Evoli? Do you play out of home or be on the way? Do you also have such Cool Evoli snacks?

Write us your experiences with the current community day here on Meinmmo in the comments and exchanges you with the community.

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