Stories of vs 2 For mobile phone announced turns out as a sick joke

We are not even an hour before the start of another beautiful Lockdown day, and thanks to Bandai Namco, the whole thing is already a complete depreciation.

The sick heads there have done the unthinkable and released a joke gameplay trailer for the long-awaited continuation of their popular Tales of vs, a crossover fighting game with favorite characters of fans from the whole series, whose pinte is coming to the phone. The absolute cheek of everything … I’m angry.

RaiderZ Legend - Auf der Farm #033​ Let´s Play MMORPG [Deutsch]

What makes it worse is that the gameplay actually looks quite decent, which makes me believe that we should receive adequate continuation during the largest part of the trailer. Then with this start date, they pull out the carpet among you, laugh in the face and call you a dirty casual for playing cellphone games.

Well, the joke goes on you, Bandai – people actually want to play your wrong, strangely good looking game. No, that’s probably a double victory for you. Damn.

Due to the positive response to the trailer and the subsequent disappointment that everything is a lie, I give you 12 months before returning to the sunny shores of iOS and Android and beg for our patronage. It will definitely happen.

The original game has been published in 2009 for PSP. It was never published outside of Japan, but the hindered fans of the genre did not deprive it.

If Bandai Namco’s is the first and only April Fool’s fear, under which I have to suffer this year, it will still be too much. I do not think I can ever trust someone again. Yes, it’s so serious. Now I go to sleep for the next 23 hours.

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