Pok mon Go Today Evoli gets the new special attacks

At the weekend, Inpokémon Go takes place the community day with Evoli. Already today, on August 13, 2021, Evoli and his advancements receive cool special attacks. Meinmmo shows you which these are and what bonuses you can look forward to.

What is it? Once a month takes place in Pokémon Go a community day. To this a Pokémon is put into the center, which then appears more frequently in the wild. There are also numerous bonuses for this occasion. In the month of August, this event revolves around the Pokémon Evoli and keeps one or the other special feature ready.

Unlike previous community Days, the Evoli event takes place not only in one day, but on two days. And even part of the bonuses you can already use before the actual start and also beyond the end of the community Days. One of these bonuses are the special attacks at Evoli and its further developments. We show you which these are.

When will the community day take place? The community day with Evoli runs on Saturday, the 14th of August and Sunday, August 15, 2021, each between 11:00 and 17:00 local time.


These are the new special attacks

When can you get the special attacks? As part of the Community Day with Evoli, there will be a variety of bonuses that you can use. Part of it, Niantic has even released from today. This includes the special attacks that Evoli and its advancements get through the event. These are active in the following period for you:

  • Start: Friday, August 13, 2021 at 19:00 Location time
  • End: Monday, August 16, 2021 at 19:00 City

These special attacks get Evoli and its advancements: A special feature that usually brings every community day are special event attacks for the further development of the Pokémon. This is also the case with evoli event.

Since Evoli has a total of 8 further developments, of course everyone gets their own attack when evolving evoli to this. But even at Evoli you can look forward to a special attack during this time, if you are catching or breaking out. These are the new attacks:

So strong are the new attacks

Evoli is one of the Normal Pokémon and plays a role due to its poor values ​​in the PVP league and in RAIDs. That does not change the new attack. However, this is different with its further developments. Psiana, Glaciola, Folipurba and Feelinara are even one of the best attackers in Pokémon Go.

But what about the further developments of Evoli with the new attacks? With the help of Pvpoke’s overview, we looked at which monsters benefit most through the new attacks (via pvpoke.com). It can be seen that especially Feelinara with the Loading Attack Psychoschock is a clear winner.

Since Feelinara is rather high in the PVP league, you should definitely use this attack according to Pvpoke. Also FOLIPURBA can look forward to his fast instant attack. You should also use it in your PVP fighting, unless your Folipurba uses.

Flamara can always convince with its loading attack Kraftkoloss. In the PVP league, however, this monster does not play a big role as there is better fire-pokémon. If you still use it, then you can resort to this attack.

Of the remaining further developments, only Nachtara can still benefit from his loading attack. Especially in the Hyperliga you could rely on psychokinese and make it a bit stronger again.

All other developments had less luck with their attacks. These have other attacks that are significantly better and that you prefer. Even in Raids, the new attacks rather play a minor role as this Pokémon usually have better movesets.

more bonuses to community day with evoli

In addition to the special attacks, the Evoli and his advancements can get, you have the opportunity to use more bonuses from today. We show you which these are.

Simplified Development of Feelinara

To develop Feelinara, you usually have to take an evoli as a buddy and earn with this 70 hearts. That succeeds in whom you play with this Pokémon, it is photographed and explored the area together with him.

As part of the Community Days this process was shortened and you only have to collect 7 hearts with Evoli as a buddy to develop Feelinara. It is also possible to you from the 13th of August at 19 o’clock.

Missing running needs at Nachtara and Psiana

The development of Nachtara and Psiana will also be relieved to you at the moment. Thus, according to Niantic, it came to a mistake in the game, which no longer places running needs to get Nachtara or Psiana. You only have to deposit your Evoli as a buddy and can then develop it in one of the two monsters depending on the time of day.

Previously, you have to run 10 kilometers with your Evoli to develop it. Since Niantic has announced that you can fix this mistake only after the event, you can relax during the Community Days Psiana and Nachtara without having to run larger routes.

Temporary research

As with other events, there will be a temporary research again. According to Niantic, this should also be available in the game according to Niantic (via Pokemongolive.com). For the reward, you will receive a glacier and MOSS lock module. These two needed to further develop Evoli to Glaciola and Folipurba.

Offers in the Ingame Shop

If you want to participate in special research You have the choice around Evoli, you can buy an event ticket for just under 1.00 euros in the Ingame Shop. In addition, a special community box is available in the shop that you can buy for 1.280 coins. This includes 50 hyperballs, 5 smoke, a top instant-TM and a top-loading TM.

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Which new special attack can you find best? Would you have liked other attacks? Write us your opinion here in the comments, on Meinmmo.

You do not find the Evoli event so interesting? There are numerous events in Pokémon Go in August. We looked at these and summarized for you.

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