Pok mon Go Guide for the day of the community of August 2021 with EEVEE

The most expected moment of the month in Pokémon Go is already here. Community Day From this August is very special not only for being starring by EEVEE , but because it lCommunity Dayts two days. On Saturday and Sunday, Niantic’s game coaches and coaches for iOS and Android have an unavoidable date Community Day it is an ideal moment to get any of its eveelutions with a special movement. In this guide we tell you everything: The dates of the event, hours, bonus, recommendations and special movements of the evolutions .

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August Community Day (EEVEE) in Pokémon Go: Date, time and features

The Day of the Community of August 2021 hCommunity Day the protagonist at EEVEE and takes place both this Saturday, August 14 Like this Sunday, August 15 . On both days, the hours of celebration of the event are 11: 00 to 17:00 (local time) , a total of six hours for each one to choose the stripes that best suit you. We remember that in Spain there is forecCommunity Dayt for a strong wave of heat, so we recommend playing in the morning; Likewise, from Niantic they remember that the security distance is still Community Day recommended Community Day always since the pandemic began: it is not necessary to be glued to our friends to play.

It will be during these hours when EEVE appears much more frequently in the wild; It may come out in its Shiny / Variocolor form. On the other hand, for a dollar we can access the Special Special Research History of the EEVEE Community Day _ What you want to be _ .

  • Regarding the bonus, they are the following:
  • The eggs will require a quarter of the distance to hatch.
  • The incense activated during the event will lCommunity Dayt three hours.
  • The bait modules activated during the event will lCommunity Dayt three hours.

All Special Movements of EEVEE Evolutions on Community Day

  • Vaporeon : Special movement Scale (60)
  • Flareon : Special Movement Brute Force (85)
  • Speed ​​: Special Movement Shadow Ball (100)
  • Umbreon : Special Movement Psychic (90)
  • Leafaeon : Special Movement Selling machine (8)
  • glaceon : special movement hydropulse (70)
  • Sylveon : Special Movement Psicocarga (65)
  • EEVEE : Special Movement LCommunity Dayt Baza (90)

Recommendations for the Day of the Community of August 2021

One of the recommendations that can not be missing in our guides is that Cojáis many objects during the previous days to the celebration of the day of the community, a way of not accusing lack of Potions , Poké Ball or berries , especially considering that the day of the August community lCommunity Dayts two days, Saturday and Sunday. In the same way, we recommend that you have incense (in order to attract the greatest number of Pokémon possible to your rank) and that you have both Berry Pinia Community Day Bay Pinia Silver ** -More Candies of Lo Normal by capture-. With those candies it will be eCommunity Dayier to evolve to our EEVEE.

For its part, it is recommended that if you touch an EEVEE with good genetics, you put it Community Day a partner to win candles and friendship. The use of Ultra Ball is the most recommendable for its highest catch ratio; And, in cCommunity Daye of difficulty, Berries Frambu to facilitate capture. If you seek to upload your experience points, one lucky egg ** Community Day soon Community Day you start playing at the Community Day this month of August will be a guarantee.

Good luck to all and all in the search for a EEVEE Shiny Full IVS . And you, what _eeveelution, are you going to choose?

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