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In the shop of Pokémon GO you will find the Evoli ticket You have the choice for the community day in August 2021. We show you on Meinmommo all quests and rewards you receive for the price. So you easily determine if the purchase is worthwhile for you.

What is that for a ticket? For a few months, you have also received tickets in the shop in Pokémon Go to the monthly community days. These are optional and give you further tasks and rewards in a special research, which can easily solve it during events. The special research remains active even after the community day.

In the following overview, we show you the special research to the community day with Evoli, which you can unlock by the ticket.

Where is the ticket? Who wants to buy, opens the shop of Pokémon Go. Below the boxes you can find the category Worldwide Events, where you can see the ticket You have the choice. Depending on the shop, the ticket costs about 1 Euro.

Ticket for community day with Evoli research

Where’s the info? The Community Day with Evoli has already started sharing. Coaches made screenshots of unlocked special research and shared them in the community and Reddit. The following overview is from the website lekduck.com.

Evoli research You have the choice 1/5

Step Reward: You solve all three tasks, then you also receive 2,000 star dust, 25 poké balls and a smoke module.

Evoli research You have the choice 2/5

Step Reward: You solve all three tasks, then you also receive 1,500 experience points, 50 Evoli sweets and a smoke module.

Evoli research You have the choice 3/5

Step Rework: You solve all three tasks, then you also receive 2,500 experience points, 15 superballs and a Rocket radar.

Evoli research You have the choice 4/5

Step Reward: You solve all three tasks, you also receive 3,500 experience points, 15 hyperballs and an egg breeding machine.

Evoli Research You have the choice 5/5

Step Reward: You solve all three tasks, then you also receive 3,000 star dust, 2 special bonboes and an encounter with Feelinara.

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Is the ticket to the community day in August 2021?

You have to pay attention: Only from the equivalent of the items you receive by the ticket is worth buying. Because the ticket costs roughly 1 € and contains, among other things:

  • A Rocket Radar, who already costs 2 €
  • An egg breeding machine that costs € 1.50

There are also 5,000 star dust, of which you have to deduct the power-ups needed. Besides berries, balls, experiences and encounters with all Evoli developments. For evoli fans, who would buy these items anyway, the purchase is well worthwhile.

If you have no interest in the items and can do without the strong Pokémon in the Pokémon encounters, then the purchase is not really worthwhile for you.

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How do you like the ticket for the community day? Do you find it good that Niant ensures that buyers can meet any development? Do you play for free this time or do you suggest at the ticket? Let us know here in the comments on Meinmmo.

For optimal preparation, we show you everything here to the Evoli developments in Pokémon Go – with naming tricks.

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