Pok mon Go community about new ticket is worth but do not get my money

Inpokémon Go is currently running the community day with Evoli. Although the right 1 € ticket is worth its price, members of the community want to buy it. The reason for this are controversial changes that the developer team performed.

What is this ticket? Suitable for the community days in Pokémon Go, which take place every month on a weekend, trainers can buy a ticket for 1 €. This then turns out a special research with tasks and more rewards.

The contents of the tickets vary something from month to month. Although the ticket is actually worthwhile this month, a part of the community does not want to spend money. They refrain from the extra content. But why? The ticket is just matching the community day in August with Evoli.

Community Will Buy Ticket – Why?

These are the votes: In the Reddit forum, the new 1 € ticket is discussed for the Community Day of Evoli. A graphic shows the contents of the ticket. In purely mathematical, the ticket is a good purchase because you get the contain objects significantly cheaper.

But anyway, a part of the community refuses to buy the content (via reddit.com).

  • CAITSITH31: Is it worth? Probably. Will you get my money? No
  • Bamfor: Two months ago I would have bought the ticket immediately. But this time I start
  • Myrkull: Dito. That’s the first activity that will skip my girlfriend and I have been going to play a year ago
  • Step207: Since I started playing a game a year ago, I bought every ticket. That will be the first I’m not [Buy]. Hopefully this is the case with many
  • Fake_engineer: This also applies to me. I doubt that it will play a role, but I still can not go through to give Niantic more money.
  • Srozo: Even if it’s just $ 1. I refuse to spend money until September 1st. Heart, [Thesilphroad]!
  • Organicmasonjars: Yes, I do not care what is in it. I do not buy it

The background: But what brings the community to exploit such an offer? The background is a change in the game, which activated the developer team in early August.

The Niantic team decided to disable some corona bonuses at the beginning of August 2021. So you have to approach in the USA and New Zealand much closer to Pokéstops to interact with them. Because the community here sees great security issues, also in terms of corona, followed an open letter to Niantic. It demands to undo the changes.

Well-known faces like Brandon Tan, who for some is considered the best Pokémon Go players in the world, Youtuber like coach Tips and Zoëtwodots and many websites shared the letter.

It only lasted a few hours until the developer team of Niantic answered. However, this answer was not very good. The core statement is that Niantic collapses a team to work out proposals that respond to the concerns regarding the reduced interaction distance at Pokéstops. And you let yourself be time until September 1st. The full answer from Niantic on the open letter can be found here.

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For this reason, some heads from the community of Pokémon Go are waiting for the first September. Depending on how then the decision of Niantic fails, they would spend money again – or not. That they now spend less money should be a sign of the community to the developer team. You would not let everything be like.

What do you think about this subject? Are you part of the movement and supports Niantic currently not with Ingame purchases, or do you see the looser, because the changes in Germany are not already active? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments and exchanges you with our community on the topic.

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