Pok mon Go How to use the community day with Evoli

At the weekend of 14 and 15 August 2021, Inpokémon Go takes place the community day with Evoli. We from Meinmmo have viewed us which special features and bonuses expect you to this event.

What is a community day? Once a month a special event takes place for the coaches in Pokémon Go: The Community Day. This usually goes one day and puts a Pokémon at the center. This spawn during the event is particularly common and the Shiny Rate is increased during this time.

In addition, the coaches can look forward to numerous bonuses on this day. In August, the Pokémon Evoli is at the center of the event. Unlike the previous community days, it will extend over two days this time.

Community Day in August 2021 – start time and bonuses

What? The community day with evoli
When? On Saturday, August 14, 2021, and Sunday, August 15, 2021, from 11am to 5pm local time
Pokémon of the day: Evoli Spawnt reinforced during the event period in the wild
Bonuses during events:
– Eggs hatch 4 times so fast
– smoke holds three hours
– Lockmodule hold three hours

Overall, you have 12 hours at this event to catch Evoli. Through the extended terms of smoke and lock modules, the playing of at home is basically conceivable.

more bonuses to community day with evoli

In addition to the bonuses that you receive during the event period, there will be more bonuses for this community day. These are available to you from Friday, August 13, 2021 at 19:00 up to Monday, 16 August 2021 at 19:00 . You can look forward to this time:

  • Various special attacks in the development of Evoli
  • hatched or prisoner evoli dominate special attack refuge
  • You only need 7 instead of 70 hearts in the development of Feelinara
  • Temporary research with moss and glacier module as a reward

These are the special attacks: Evoli has a total of 8 further developments that learn the following special attacks within the framework of the Community Days:

Changed KM requirement when developing Psiana and Nachtara

As the community of Pokémon Go has found, there are currently no run requirements in the development of Psiana and Nachtara. Usually you have to develop this, select your Evoli as buddy and run 10 kilometers. Thereafter, the development is possible according to the daytime in Psiana (daytime) or Nachtara (in the evening / night).

By eliminating the recruitment requirement, your Evoli only needs to take a buddy and can then develop it in Psiana or Nachtara depending on time. According to Niantic, this is a mistake in the game. However, they have announced that this will not be resolved before 16 August 2021 at 19:00. This makes it easier to develop during the community Days.

That’s in the Ingame Shop

As lived by past community days, you can buy more content about the Ingame Shop. These expect you during the Evoli events:

  • Special Research “You have the choice” for about 1 Euro, which turns around Evoli.
  • A Community Day Box with 50 Hyperballs, 5 Smoke, a Top Instant TM and a Top Load TM for 1,280 coins.

How to use the community day in August

Meet this preparation: Evoli is a normal Pokémon from the first generation. It can be developed over different ways in a total of eight different monsters. All information about developments and naming knits of Evoli can be found here. As you are used to it from other community days, of course, the further developments also receive a special attack at this event.

So if you want to have all developments with the appropriate special attack, then you need to develop enough sweets and of course many strong evoli. So that you do not constantly evaluate the prisoner monsters during the event, you should create enough space in the poké bag.

For catching, but of course, you also need balls. If you want to play active on both days, then you should plan at least 350 balls per event day so that you do not want to spoil new ones directly at the Pokéstop.

These items are suitable at the community day: Since you have a 4-time shorter slip time for eggs during the event, it is recommended to have sufficient breeding machines available. In any case, uses this opportunity for hatching eggs with a long term, like the 12 km eggs of team-go-Rocket.

In addition, you should have enough smoke ready to catch as many strong and / or iridescent evoli as possible. Since the smoke holds 3 hours each, you need a total of 4 pieces. The same applies to the lock modules. Reinstalles this, however, that it requires a moss module for the development of Folipurba and a glacier module for Glaciola.

Is the Community Day worthwhile?

Evoli is one of the Pokémon, which regularly spawn in the game. So it is more common. According to the overview of Pvpoke relatively poor values ​​in the area of ​​attack, stamina and defense, which is why it does not matter in the PVP league and in Raids (via Pvpoke.com).

However, Evoli has numerous advancements that can sometimes become really strong. In particular, Glaciola, Psiana, Folipurba and Feelinara are among the best attackers in Pokémon Go. To get as many strong copies as possible, you should use the Community Day with Evoli and catch diligently.

In addition, you can encounter Evoli in his dazzling form. Due to the increased spawn rate, your chances are pretty good to catch one or the other. As a rule, the probability of a dazzling specimen at 1 to 450. For past events, however, this was usually reduced to about 1 to 25.

You can see the iridescent evoli, as seen in the picture, on his light color. Of course, you can also evolve this. So if you want to have a full pokédex, should therefore look diligently look for iridescent evoli. Thus, Shiny hunters also come to their costs.

Anyone who has no interest in evoli at all can use at least the shortened breeding distance of the eggs.

More about Evoli and its advancements:

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  • That’s how the development of Feelinara works
  • Coach Request Reset of Legendary Name Tricks for New Evoli Event

How do you find the community day with Evoli? What further development is your favorite and may not be missing in your collection? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments!

The Evoli event is not so your thing? We looked at what events in August 2021 in Pokémon Go still pending and show you, which are particularly worthwhile.

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