Pok mon Go – How to include Evoli during the Community Days in all evolutions

One of many things, the Pokémon go players will try during the Eeevee Community Day, _ develop evoli_ in all its developments. It will probably give research tasks that focus on it, but you will also want to do it because each of the 8 EreveLuctions, how many players call them, will have their exclusive train when developed over the weekend. But if you want to get the right EeveLution, you need to know how to get it. How to develop Evoli to all developments in Pokémon Go.

How to develop evoli to all evolutions

There are two main routes to further develop each of Evoli evolutions. One method is safe, but can only be used once, while the other can often be a little random. With hard work, however, newer Eeveelutions can be achieved without dependent on luck and RNG. But we start with the quick and easy way: with the name knit.

How to develop Eevee with the name knit

Each Eevee evolution can be further developed by renaming an EEVEE into a specific name. However, if you use this, you can not do so again. So save this for an EEVEE from which you are sure that you want him to call it in the list below. As soon as you rename it, just click on the “Develop” button and you will receive the right development. And if it is during the EEVEE Community Day, at the end, the exclusive train listed in this manual.

  • Vaporeon – Rainer
  • Jolteon – Sparky
  • Flareon – pyro
  • Espeon – Sakura
  • Umbreon – Tamoo
  • Leafeon – Linnea
  • Glacon – Rea

Again, you can only use each of these names once, so be careful and use them with wisely. Once you have used the name, you must apply the harder methods below.

How to develop Eevee to Vaporeon, Jolton and Flareon

Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon were the original three EEVEE developments, and they are still easiest to get, but also most of the most lucky. You can get one of these three by simply selecting an Evoli from your Pokémon menu and tapping on developing, spending 25 Evoli sweets. You will not know which of the three will get you, but it will be one of these three unless you use the following methods to get something else.

How to develop Eevee to Espeon and Umbreon

Now we come to the eeveelutions that require some work but offer a guaranteed result. Both Espeon and Umbreon demand that they first do the same thing: Assign Eevee as their buddy and then go 10 km. As soon as it is done, keep him as your buddy and decide what you want. If you want Espeon, develop it during the day while you should wait for Umbreon to the night (usually after 7 pm, just check if the sky is dark in the game).

How to develop Eevee to Leafeon and Glacon

Next, you will actually need some premium items that will be available at Timed Research during the EEVE Community Day. To develop Eevee to Leafeon, you only have to be within reach of a Pokéstop with an active Mossy Lure module. At Glacon it is the same, but with a glacial lure module. You will actually see that the silhouette changes on the “Develop” button to match what you should get, so make sure.

How to develop Eevee to Sylveon

Sylveon was introduced with a fairly difficult evolutionary task, which will be much easier during the Eeeve Community Day. Normally you have to assign an EEVEE as your buddy and then earn 70 hearts by playing with it, feeding berries or perform other activities. During the Community Day weekend, however, you can develop Eevee with only 7 buddy hearts to Sylveon, so try to use the benefits. You can earn only a certain number of hearts per type every day, so look in the buddy menu, what you can do to get a few evoli ready before or during the event.

And so Eevee can be developed into all developments in Pokémon Go, focusing on the Eeeve Community Day in August 2021.

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