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In the coming week, the Quakecon 2021 takes place – once again in the format “Quakecon at Home” via Livestream.

_ “We celebrate the Quakecon with Livestreams, the updates to existing and upcoming games, tournaments, fundraisers, dog puppies (!!!), musical performances, giveaways, celebrities, developer panels, and much more on the screen” _, writes the Publisher.

The Quakecon starts on 19 August at 20:00 clock with a short welcome, then it continues with topic-related panels. So Deathloop will be presented in detail from 20:30 and at 21:00 the Fallout WorldS update for Fallout 76 is the focus. At 22:30 o’clock it should go to Doom Eternal. Further details and descriptions of the panels are available here.

Thursday, 19th of August

  • _ “Welcome to Quakecon 2021 with Pete Hines & Erin Losi: 20:00 clock Mesz_
  • ‘Celebrating 25 Years of Quake ‘(25 years quake) with ID software and machines: 20:05 clock Mesz – Kevin Cloud and Marty Stratton of ID Software talk to Jerk Gustafsson of MachineGames about the influence and legacy of the original quake, that celebrates its 25th birthday this year.
  • _’Deeep Dive Into Deathloop ‘(Deathloop under the magnifying glass) with Arcane Lyon: 20:30 clock Mesz – Arcane Lyon fascinate the fans with details of the upcoming console-exclusive PlayStation 5-title Deathloop and especially talk about the multiplayer component .
  • _Fallout 76 – ‘Making Appalachia Your Own With Fallout Worlds’ (with Fallout Worlds to your own Appalachia): 21:00 clock MESZ – The Fallout 76 team raises a look at the development of the game and the upcoming “Fallout Worlds” update .
  • ‘Inside The Award-Winning The Elder Scrolls Online ‘(dive into the award-winning the Elder Scrolls Online) with the Zenimax Online Studios: 21:30 Mesz – Matt Firor and Rich Lambert let the fans dive deep into Eso, talk about talking about The great extensions of the game and betray what new players are expected to expect the multi-award-winning MMO.
  • ‘Reliving the Opening of Skyrim ‘(Skyrim – a reunion in sky edge) with the Bethesda Game Studios: 22:00 clock Mesz – “Hey, her there! Finally, you’re awake. “We celebrate the 10th birthday of the role-playing game and experience the first steps in Skyrim, while the makers will give internal stories to the best and recall the development of the title.
  • Doom Eternal Studio Update with Marty and Hugo: 22:30 pm Mesz – Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin of ID Software bring the fans up to date, which has just passed everything around Doom Eternal.
  • _Fallout 76-end Game Guide: 05:00 clock MESZ (follow-up day) _
  • _Fallout 76 – ‘Playing with UFC Middleweight Rob Whittaker’ (playing with the former UFC center weight champion Rob Whittaker): 06:30 am Mesz (follow-up day)

Friday, August 20th

  • Fallout 76 – UK-Stream Team Build-A-Thon: 15:30 clock mesz
  • ‘Let’s talk quake ‘(a chat over quake) with digital foundry: 16:45 clock mesz
  • ‘Deathloop meets ITS Makers’ (the voices of Deathloop come to speak): 20:15 o’clock Mesz
  • ‘Weratedog’s matt Nelson and Pete Hines Rate Dogs & more ‘(Matt Nelson von Weratedogs and Pete Hines rate Dogs & more): 21:30 clock Mesz
  • ‘Code Orange vs Quake Music Video Debut ‘(Code Orange Vs. Quake Music Video Premiere): 22:15 Mesz
  • ‘Fundraising and Raising Heck ‘(collect donations and unleash hell) with Anna Maree: 23:00 clock Mesz
  • _The Elder Scrolls Online – ‘Dungeon Speed ​​Run Competition’ (Dunge-Speedrun Competition): 00:30 Mesz (follow-up day) _
  • _Explusive appearance of trivium: 02:00 clock mesz (follow-up day) _
  • _’Skyrim – 10th Anniversary Interactive Fun Run ‘(Skyrim – Interactive donation run for the 10th birthday) with Gus Johnson: 03:00 clock Mesz (follow-up day) _
  • _The Elder Scrolls Online – Mates of Oblivion Dungeon Runs: 06:30 am MESZ (follow-up day) _
  • _The Elder Scrolls Online – Miss Mollymakes – ‘An Epic Banquet’ (an epic banquet): 07:45 clock Mesz (follow-up day)

Elder Scrolls Online Skyrim: 7 Skyrim Sights Then and Now (Original Skyrim vs ESO Greymoor)

Saturday, 21. August

  • Doom Eternal – ‘Prayer vs. Slayer’: 15:30 Mesz
  • Eso – ‘Through Flames of Ambition’ (by Flames of Ambition) with the UK Stream Team: 16:45 clock Mesz
  • Doom Eternal – ‘BattleMode Community Bonanza!’ (Battle mode community gauges): 20:15 mesz
  • Fallout 76 – ‘C.A.M.P. Love it or nuke it ‘(c.a.m.p. celebration or atomize): 21:30 clock mesz
  • Quake World Championship Grand Finals: 22:45 clock mesz
  • The Elder Scrolls Online – ‘Live Art Creation’ (Live Artwork): 00:30 Mesz (follow-up day) “

Charity Actions: _ “We are pleased to continue the donation tradition of Quakecon at a global and local level. Viewers: Indoor can donate with us directly via the Quakecon stream to organizations, including Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAJC), Naacp Legal Defense and Educational Fund, The Trevor Project and Unicef. The Quakecon also has new and exclusive “pugcubus” and “Catloop” t-shirts on offer. Custom Ink shares all revenues from the sale of this T-shirts with our longtime animal adoption partner Dallas, Dallas Pets Alive, as well as Four Paws, an international animal welfare organization. You can buy the T-shirts here:”_

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