WOW players call for Blizzard Finally pulls the tear

Again an outcry goes through the community ofWorld of Warcraft. Blizzard is said to “pull the tear” – the voices are getting louder.

With the appearance of the last story chapter of patch 9.1 chains of domination, the new content in World of Warcraft is through. In the coming months, everything revolves around the repetition of the already known content – so PVP, RAID and Dungeons on mythical +.

What is the “Ripcord”? The Ripcord (ripper) is a metaphorical picture brought by the Game Director Ion Hazzikostas before the release of WOW: Shadowlands into play. On the question of whether Blizzard could not make the whole pact purely cosmetic and allow players to simply believe all the pacts, the Game Director said, “If we really had to make this decision, the rack would be there.”

Since then exactly that is required again and again.

Why is the topic right now? That has several reasons. On the one hand, patch 9.1 chains of domination have changed the packages and their skills. There was a lot of balancing and what was previously considered the strongest pact for a class, had changed for many. The affected players annoy themselves that they would have to choose between their well-played content – such as the developed pact sanctum – or the best pact ability. Because after a pact change all this is lost.

At the same time, many bothers the system that would now like to play second characters. It feels bad for many players to have released as much transmog and mount animals, but they can not be used on twinks because they do not belong to the right pact. Here is desired to lift the limitation.

Agency is also required to abolish the media energy (“Conduit Energy”) without which you can not change media. Especially Druids, who have four specializations, but can only rely on three souls, including suffering that they can never play their fourth specialization.

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What the players say so? In a contribution to Reddit, who deals with the topic, have agreed over 4,500 players and contributed their own ideas and suggestions, how Blizzard can make the “rest of Shadowlands” bearable. We show some of your ideas here.

So Stone-Bear writes:

_ Los the media energy .
_I am a druid with 4 specializations. I want to play them all. I do not want to feel as “could” be better, just because you lock my fourth specialization behind three souls .

Desdenova32 wishes something completely different:

_ A possibility to skip the intro experience of Shadowlands and you have my consent. That pulls me down every time I want to play a new character._

Other players want the “Party Sync” function on level 60 and for all old content. So writes horror_distribution:

Sync on old content: party sync is wonderful. A great technique. But why is she so limited? Let me go to the adventure stop board and down the level of The Burning Crusade or Legion or Mists of Pandaria. I do not want to be able to do everything one-shotten when I want to give old content and experience the story. I want to have the feeling that really play .

What do you think of the whole “Ripcord” requirement? Would it be the best for Shadowlands? Or are the packs good as they are?

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