White Day formal subsequent followed by steam and console next year

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The white day subsequent that is considered to be a fear of Korean fear game is released next year. The gauze is a flower that is a lie, and it is a perfect number of 20 years after one post.

Our Games announced on the 12th that White Day 2 is developing on the first half of next year (PS4, PS5, Xbox SeriesX / S) and steam next year. In addition, in 2H08, Nintendo switches, mobile games development and launch.

White Day is a game that is a domestic horror game pronoun into the game that released the first generation game developer in Korea in 2001. In 2015, it was remarked with Mobile, Console, and Steam version, won four sectors, including excellence, planning / scenario, and technology creative in the Korean game target in 2016, and has achieved a million downloads to date after the release.

Our Games is a new game developer established in 2020, developing White Day 2. In August this year, the White Day IP was officially acquired from the Ponorie, and the original development company Sonnie shares the development know-how in the production process of Floyd Day 2. In addition, the Super Comic Seasons, who was in charge of the ending contipe, is participating in the scenario as a scenario.

White Day 2 is scheduled to inherit the main features such as puzzle, multi-ending, such as puzzle, multi-ending, and will turn on the statory of two times the appearance.

Our Games Festival, who acquired the company in May of this year, is in charge of Netmarble, Siers, Cinema Services M & A, and since the Japanese content company, IHQ, etc., based on 20 years of experience in entertainment and media areas, , IP acquisition, webtoon manufacturer, Super Comic Seashe, and so on.

“Based on excellent planning and technology, we are developing all platform games based on a small and medium-sized game’s bulge, and a non-medium-sized game, and we will provide users with new experience and surprise “I am focusing on the game,” “I am”, “, especially based on the games to be released next year, we are planning to expand to the area such as Webtoon, drama, etc., and the multiplayer game with the release of series series in the future. I am aiming to go to a game company with an unique planning effort through entry. “

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