Updating the October Pok mon Go Community promises Conceptio changes

There have been a lot of changes and updates for Pokemon Go since its launch more than three years ago. In a recent community update, developers promise to continue making changes to enhance players’ experience with the game.

The first update of the community mentions some of the smallest changes in the game. This allows players to less populated areas to get more objects in each pokestop, or to differentiate the combat levels from Raids according to the community in which they appear. Niantic explains that the implementation of such changes and the reactions of the community have helped. Deciding on how to follow the future modifications of the game design. The team also cites legendary hours of raids as an improved functionality example through fans’ comments.

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Then Niantic promised to continue updating the game “in the near future”. The consequences of these new game design changes were not detailed, but it was mentioned that it would be relatively minor modifications that we can expect to put between two major updates. Basically, these choices seem smaller – as the example given earlier for players where fewer Pokestops receive more elements of each pokestop – to improve the quality of life while waiting for the next major addition to the game . will be. Niantic ensures that even small changes take time to implement before thanking the game community for its continued support.

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