Skater XL Free Update Adds Online Multiplayer Hinz

Easy Day Studios have announced that Skater XL online multiplayer-free-skate mode is now available as a free update for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam for PC for download. Free Skate Mode allows up to 10 players to collect together in an online skate session.

Skater XL Online Multiplayer-Free-Skate Mode allows you to join a random public space or open your own and invite friends with a passcode. In addition to the online mode has the same replay editor functionality as the single player mode, so you can save and edit your sophisticated tricks and memorable moments.

What is Deadman Mode?

The update also includes performance improvements for consoles, with increased frame rate and a much more fluid feel, especially based on basic models.

But also to new clothes for your virtual I was intended in this update, which is why new shoes of New Balance and és Footwear and a clothing collection of Dickies have been added with further equipment and accessories.

Below you can see the new Skater XL Multiplayer Launch Trailer with the Skateboard Professionals Tom Asta, Tiago Lemos, Evan Smith and Brandon Westgate:

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