Pok mon Hundreds of fans help a little boy

The Pokémon playership argues with each other, when it comes to news about recent generations, but it is not heartless. An example of a particularly heartwarming exchange now found in the “Nintendo Switch “Subeddit.

Pokémon: Community supports small coach

A father asks for help on reddit. His son is a great Pokémon fan, but has a small problem with the game where no one could help. The community breaks out all expectations heartbreaking. His concern? His son games lately a lot of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu, but desperate that he can be favorite monster, Gengar, just not.

The helpless father researches a little and finds out that the ghost Pokémon Alpollo can only develop into Gengar by exchanging it. But since the family has no acquaintances who also own the game, the father turns to the community with his problem – and will bombard in no-charts with nice news.

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Pokémon community helps helpless father

The fans could barely hold themselves in bridle and sent the family father heap love comments and offers. There were even players who give away their Shiny Gengar to find out. Something overwhelmed by the thousandfold upvotes and the answers, the poster thanked himself after a short time and clarified that he has now received a Gengar **.

One of the first commentators who had reported, he said he would not play anymore and could simply send the son to his Gengar, which he did.

The post office was luckily left for the long time after the destruction of the exchange online. Under him, fans of Pokémon games began to share their own experiences. Many tell of them that they used to have no friends with similar interests and so ** never got the chance to fill their Pokédex because it was always Pokémon, to which one came through only by swapping. There are all the more for fans who grow up with the series today. Because in times of the internet, it is much easier to come to all his favorite pokémon, as this post proves.

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A father turns to the Pokémon community in his helplessness and can barely save themselves priority. Nice to see how players can help each other and so can positively influence the experiences of others.

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