MADDEN NFL 21 1 07 Update – Layout Notes

Yes, Madden 21 is maybe a little short on the side of the modes, but his gameplay was a good step forward in the next generation. With the new update version 1.07, the problems in the field have been even more reduced. This includes the elimination of problems such as defenders who deform themselves as magic in the field, as well as limogeous shifts that can no longer launch the ball.

Apart from the field, the transitions between the menus have finally become more fluid, which accelerates the loading times. The Yard also sees a lot of improvements, with the addition of rankings so that players can compare and beat the scores of their friends. “

All patches and additions added from version 1.07

Gameplay updates:

  • Pass rush
    • Correction of a problem preventing defenders from containing confinement when blocked by a balloon carrier in the back field. Rusher will keep its containment behavior when it is blocked by a blocker on the line or in the back field
  • Fixed a problem that was that the initial passing movement of the capacity players would bring them into the interior space instead of the outdoor space that was assigned to them.
  • Adding logic to support QB CONTAIN VS PLAY-ACTION passes games
  • Correction of “On-Field Trainer” problems related to the precipitation of the passes
  • Adding logic for defenders without the band specialist capacity no longer cause escapements on the QBs in the pocket with normal bag animations on competitive play style only. Only defenders with the band’s specialist capacity will be able to force a break on a QB standing in the pocket in competition.

  • Defensive cover

    • Fixed a problem when using the movement in a TWINS / SLOT training against nickel / dollar defenses, defenders exchanging assignments inappropriately, leaving the receiver discovered
    • Added 4 Quarter Cover Logic To better manage games like PA Crossers
    • Correction of a problem preventing defenders into the alignment of the press to go backwise appropriately
    • Fixed an alignment problem when reversing Nickel 2-4-5 ss reno zone
    • Correction of certain resolution problems sometimes preventing taping animations from triggering compared to the movements of Juke and Judle
    • Correction of a problem that made a recipient deforms the floor in a plating during a possession of ownership
    • Correction of a problem preventing the QB from reacting after starting an int while it was affected by a defender
    • Correction of a problem allowing bullet carriers to simulate defenders behind them when using the rotation movement
  • Throw out of the bag
    • Adding a new logic when a defender hits a QB on his launch arm, the QB will no longer start the ball. The QB will have to enter the balloon or balloon will be escaped
    • Increase the chance of escaped for QBs that throw a bag and are affected significantly before starting their arms forward. The gap between Defender and Quarterback’s tackle scores is important for the defender, plus the escape chances are high.
    • Fixed an animation to launch out of the bag where the balloon was not released by the quarterback
  • Blocking
    • Correction of a problem preventing the left tackle blocking the right defender when running HB area Weak against Nickel 3-3-5
    • Fixed a problem with the graphic distortion sometimes displayed on blocker resistance bars
  • General corrections
    • Adjust the chances of victory of RAC-CATCH to reduce the frequency of hedge defenders not rated obtaining KO compared to better rated receptors
    • Fixed a problem where rt / r2 + a / x hitting at the time of SNAP sometimes driven the snap climb to the A / X receptor
    • Setting to give control to the user a little earlier after an interception
    • Fixed a problem that Quarterbacks used drastic turns on subtle movements
    • Correction of the racing speed for ball carriers on the triple option and the speed option, allowing a speed of sprint earlier
    • Setting some celebration animation problems to clean certain minor problems
    • Setting the front elbow of the QB inside the pocket to improve the visual quality

Madden Urmate Team Updates:

  • Speed ​​improvements in the Madden Ultimate Team menus and back modes of play
  • Speed ​​improvements when interacting with your players and objects, including upgrades
  • Solve a problem where the elements of the screen of the range initially appear as 50/50
  • Numerous variable improvements in the User interface of the MUT menu
  • Fixed a problem in MUT teams where roles were not correctly respected

Superstar KO Updates:

  • Fixed a problem in Superstar Ko where roles were not correctly respected

Face of the franchise updates:

  • Fixed a problem with users selecting the “Allow destiny decide” option when writing
  • Fixed a problem with the user’s Difficulty setting returning to rookie after each match

Court updates:

  • Adding “Frienderboards” to The Yard
    • These are rankings filled by your list of friends who will show the best score by event
  • Add a pop-up to remind those who play VS CPU events that they need a full group to play
  • When a user is offensive captain, the control now goes by default at QB even if his cap is in another group of positions
  • Fixed a problem where location icons may not appear
  • Correction of a problem where the complete list of the rules of the house may not appear
  • Fixed a problem where users could be wrongly “searching for teammates” after leaving a session
  • Fixed a problem where Cam coach always showed a cap like QB # 12.
  • Fixed passage to the road of the slot receiver displacement wheel in CrossFire
  • Correction of a minor camera problem where the view was blocked by objects
  • Fixed a problem allowing an extra game after an escape that came out of the limits in the last game of the game
  • Fixed a “On-Field Trainer” problem showing “Flick” above the ball wearer after caught a pass
  • Improvements in online stability
  • General improvements in the menu and interface

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