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At the first home game against FC Augsburg on the 2nd matchday, “only” 25,000 fans to the Waldstadion can be pilgrimed first, provided that the seven-day incidence in Frankfurt remains below the value of 100. This is realistic, currently the incidence is 35.1.

Hellmann evaluates the approximately half trained Arena as a “positive finger watch”, but also speaks of “the desire and hope that the number is no longer limited to up at some point”. For the coming season, Eintracht plans with an average capacity utilization of 30,000 to 35,000 spectators. But even in this optimistic scenario, the club would be allowed to control again on eight-digit losses. On the season, Hellmann counts high: “For 10,000 fans we do not have, we have to calculate about ten to twelve million euros loss.”

Does the Eintracht have to go to the label silver?

The economic situation after 45 million euros loss in the past season is already tense anyway. “That’s what you shoulder one year, a second year we can not do that without going to the label silver,” explains the board. Since he excludes a weakening of the sporty substance, one must possibly “find other ways to capitalize sufficiently”. What this could mean concrete, he did not reveal.

Remains the hope of a “very timely full utilization of the stadiums”, as sporting board Markus Krösche recently formulated in a guest contribution for the fans. This is “existential meaning” for all clubs. Hellmann is committed to ensuring that uncovered – unlike, for example, in Cologne – about a “greatest possible contingent” in the arena.

Hellmann’s “campfire”

Against Augsburg, up to 5000 unvaccinated but tested fans are allowed. “Pure access only for vaccases can not be imported. We want to use that the participation is for everyone. I see which crack is through the company. Especially football has the task of integrating topics to integrate people and Give them something that they did not have in the last 15 months – the famous campfire, “explains the 49-year-old.

Although the media range of Eintracht Frankfurt is as high as never, Hellmann is aware: “We will have to fight to get people back to the stadium. I said placantly I see a little less Asia and a little more Wetterau on us. We have to get the startability The Eintracht again stronger into the center. “

He also wants to intensify the talks with the active fans scene so that it gives it the usual support from the ranks. At least for the Ultras, however, he will need a lot of persuasive power, because the group explained past week in a statement: “We still will visit the stadium only when there are standing stands without restrictions, at least all seasonal owners as well as guest fans in the usual order of magnitude Clean, and no extensive personalization takes place. Of course, we also reject an app as a necessity for the access authorization to the forest stadium. “

The 18 winners of the preparation

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