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You will finally be available to earn Izanagi’s burden (probably).

Bungie recently has the Hotfix for published schicksal 2 I try to resolve a problem that affects the quest progress for Izanagi’s burden. The developer has ever tried it, so the problem hopefully is definitively fixed. If they were previously affected by the problem, simply follow the aim of logging in again.

The hotfix also increases the performance granted by Pinnacle. Instead of 1, they now give 2 power, which hopefully the grinding should facilitate at 960. If you have no powerful rewards from Eris, weekly challenge, this problem should also be resolved.

How To Fix Destiny 2 Crashing Issue
You can check the rest of the hotfix notes below. Schicksal 2 is just a bit going on. Iron Banner has recently returned and remains active until the next weekly reset. The latest dungeon, Pit of Heresy, is active and there is also the Halloween event festival of the lost, where you can attend. In the meantime, you can get more updates.

_ DESTINY 2 Hotfix _


_ Izanagis burden _

  • ES has been fixed a bug that led to the forged keys not to the quest progress of the mysterious box (Izanagis burden )
  • _ Responsible players should find the appropriate destination correctly after logging in ._
  • ES has been fixed a problem by which the Obsidian Drystall did not cause quest advances
  • _ Responsible players need to recapture a rare bounty for the black armory and then complete and claim to get another obsidian crystal ._

_ Power Progression _

_The force granted by Pinnacle rewards was adjusted to 2 instead of 1__


  • The Weapons Pluperfect and Temporal Clause from Season Pass can now be removed from the VEX offensive after you have received it .
  • ES has been fixed a problem through which the weekly Eris challenge occasionally no powerful reward dropped

_ Sandbox _

_ Benefits _

ES has been resolved a problem that led to the “Ashes to Assets” bonus unintentionally supplied supporgy

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