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It is easy to find Hans-Joachim Watzke on Monday morning to present the numbers of the past financial year 2020/21 in the press room of the Signal Iduna Park. This time, this time is not a pleasure taxable event for the BVB boss, which was always proud to expand and write black numbers. Because the Corona pandemic also provided significant economic burglaries at Borussia Dortmund. “The numbers,” says Watzke right at the beginning of the press conference, “were to be expected. But that’s a challenging story – no question.”

Revenues dropped from 370.2 to 334.2 million euros (excluding transfers), the gross domestic power (including gross transfer fees) fell from 486.9 to 358.6 million euros. The net loss amount is 72.8 million euros – after already 44 million euros loss in the 2019 financial year. From black numbers were deep red – especially due to the lack of audience revenues, which met bvb particularly hard with its sold out in normal times, which now made it rendered it to revenue from the TV commercialization. The share of TV marketing at sales increased from almost 46 to 56 percent.

“Now the time has come in which you can no longer solve everything that you conclude the store”

With revenue of four million euros, the BVB is calculated per home game. Even if in the future, almost 22,000 spectators may come, as allowed the current Corona Protection Ordinance of the State NRW, gives a big hole in the club class. The more clearly the appeal fell out, the Watzke set up the policy on Monday.

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From the Prime Minister Conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday, he expects “that decisions are made that give us a perspective in the medium term.” More courage should be asked. “Now the time has come in which you can no longer solve everything that you conclude the store.”

Concretely, the 62-year-old desires from the incidence as solely guideline. “The incidence of 35 is a relic,” says Watzke. “In the vaccination status we now have, this is no longer running. You have to find a mix with a few parameters that are useful.” For example, the hospitalization rate, “if it is true”.

Watzke: “With 600,000 euros on ticket revenues we do not get it”

It’s about giving a perspective not only to the football, but “the entire event industry”. “If you say the vaccine is the key, then I see ourselves with a rising vaccination rate on the way to higher audience – without coating.” Over the entire season, BVB currently calculates with a capacity of 60 percent.

Worried Watzke, however, is the ever slower impfiltion steps. The club itself had therefore launched a vaccination in the stadium, comparable actions will follow shortly. Similar to the 1st FC Cologne, who announced last Friday, in the future only vaccinated and geneses in the stadium, except for, for example, children who can not vaccinate, except for the BVB even more on 2G put. Even if that should not be prescribed by politics. “That,” says Watzke, “is clearly favored with us, so that we give people an even higher sense of security in the stadium visit.”

Basically, only if so many people can vaccinate and the policy responds with other opening steps, the business model of the BVB will work permanently. “With 600,000 euros at ticket revenues we do not get that,” says Watzke. “My appeal to the BVB fans is: if you want us to feel normal again, if you want to go back to the stadium, then please vaccinate.”

The sporty competitiveness of Borussia also depends on it. National as internationally. The BVB boss has registered that the European top clubs are currently active on the otherwise largely quiet transfer market. “And that,” he says, “are the clubs we are in competition.”

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In the preseason, in the face of the cup victory, the reintegration in the Champions League and the reaching of the quarter-finals of the royal class of the “spaghatch between the cost-effectiveness and the sporty ambitions” succeeded. In sight, however, this only with increasing revenue, “otherwise we have to turn on the cadre cost screw – connected to the risk that you will not get better.”

In the past fiscal year, the cost of the license game gadder was due to the successes – which in turn with higher premium income increased – to just over 150 million euros. A renewed salary, as it was practiced by the team and executives due to lack of audience revenue, is currently not planned.

Marco Rose suits us like the fist on the eye.

Hans-Joachim Watzke

Despite the high losses, Dortmund’s sporty ambitions remain high in the new financial year. In the league, Watzke says, one would like to improve as the same as the previous year’s thritter “pointless and what the position is concerned”. In the trophy, the BVB won, and the Champions League, where one was first under the round of the last eight scarce against Manchester City, it was already “close to the optimum”. “It is difficult to restore this level – but we are working on it,” says Watzke, who looks positively at the start of the new coach Marco Rose.


Although this had to complete a preparation, “as I have never experienced it,” but, despite the partly “grotesque” circumstances, Rose did the best of it. “For this I am very thankful to all acting people,” says Watzke, who is confirmed in the obligation of the 44-year-old: “We have a very good feeling with Marco Rose and his team. He pursues a clear approach, has a clear approach, has a clear approach to the team that follows him. He communicates open and with a lot of trust. I have great trust that we are very well occupied on this position. Marco Rose suits us like the fist. “

Watzke about transfers and the ambitious sales target mark

For the squad, this is currently considered limited with regard to the injury problems in the defensive. Here, however, Watzke relies on relaxation in the next one, two weeks. New obligations are currently not planned due to the economic situation. “We are clear to us that we do not want to invest nothing. Without something doing on the finish side, nothing will do on the recording side,” says the BVB boss, but appeals to a back door for the case that The injury worship will continue to increase until the end of August.

The international top transfers of the summer

At the end of the more than one-hour event, the hope is that the pandemic – even if the coronavirus probably remains a permanent companion of everyday life, is overcome by the end of the current financial year. The target mark of a turnover of half a billion euros, which Watzke had taken ahead for the year 2024, is by no means deleted from the mental hard drive, but only moved backwards.

The prerequisites for this were given that the club – if normal condition is reached – relatively quickly skipped the 400 mark. And then you are also able to strive for the 500 brand. “If you take the year 2024 and at the end of the pandemic the time you took up, billing,” Watzke expects towards the end of his explanations, “then you also know until when we tie it.” At the latest then it will also give the BVB boss more pleasure to talk about the business figures.