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The heat head soldier apparently becomes a much more important part of history than in the original game.

With Resident Evil 3 Less than two months before the start, the details of the game begin to be quickly and comprehensively. Only yesterday Capcom has released a new game of the game, which shows new scenes from Gameplay and Story, gives some secondary characters more Screentime gives us a well-advanced view of the fearsome Nemesis.

In addition to this trailer, Capcom also released a number of new details for the main characters in resident Evil 3 – including Carlos, articles some interesting details that CapComs reaffirm previous allegations that bust characters from the original game will have advanced roles in the remake (and their Formous suggestions that Carlos will have much more playing time). This in turn would also correspond to the fact that Capcom is much more ready to make changes Resident Evil 3 as you were last year Resident Evil 2.

The article mentions that the players “play as Carlos at different points in history”. This is interesting because Carlos had a single (and not too long) playable section in the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, while it looks like he will have several of them in remake.

The article continues to say that these sections “more background information on Carlos itself” and “another perspective on events during their formation” and “additional details on the reasons for u.B.C.s. Was sent from the beginning to Raccoon City. “It definitely seems like Capcom Carlos, side of the story a little expand.

Resident Evil 3 appears on April 3 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Recently, a number of new screenshots were published from the game. Look at this here.

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