Overcooked! All You Can Eat: Kostenloses Birthday Party Update verfügba

Team17 and Ghost Town Games invite players to the fifth anniversary of the award-winning Overcoooked! Franchise with the free Birthday Party Update for Overcoooked! All you can eat to celebrate.

Five new birthday levels, the new Tabby Cat cook, a recipe for a cup of tea and the Switcheroo mechanics in the game, while living living playing cards by the levels and transport the players across the kitchen, stand on the program and stand The Overcoooked! All you can eat players now available.

Overcoooked! All You Can Eat is the final edition of the Overcoooked! Franchise. It contains all over 200 levels from both games (and their downloadable content), new kitchens and chefs as well as the ability to use assistance and accessibility options so that all chefs can enjoy the culinary chaos.

With a resolution of up to 4k and 60fps, the revised versions of both games look better and play better than ever before, while at the same time bringing across platform multiplayer into the series.

Phil Duncan, co-founder of Ghost Town Games:
“After five years, it is still the most beautiful thing about the work on Overcoooked!, The reactions of players from all over the world to see and hear. The fanking, the music covers, the cosplay and even the occasional tattoo can be seen, is something I will never get used to. Listening to the stories of players who have associated with friends and loved people over the time they spent with the game is something that we are honored to have played a role.

Oli de-Vine, co-founder of Ghost Town Games:
“Wow, it’s five years ago! First of all, I have to thank the fantastic people of TEAM17 without whom we would not be at this point. It was an incredible journey with so many developers who have worked tirelessly to make the game to what it is today, and we could have honestly could not help it. In addition, multiplayer games are only through the community what they are, and the community in this game is just incredible. Maybe it’s because it is about cooperation and communication in this game, but we are really glad that the game has found such a nice audience that always supports us and the things we make welcome. It was great, thank you all. “

Overcoooked! All You Can Eat – Birthday Party