KSC coach Eichner wishes “a cracker” – KICKE

“We will try to bring a team in the place that puts our ball back into the pot again,” KSC head coach Eichner had promised Sportfreunde Lotte in front of the cup game of the Baden’s Regionalligist. Said, done: With 4: 1 Karlsruhe sat through and thus won the third mandatory game this season.

For the next round in the DFB Cup, Eichner already has a desired idea. “There are moments, it does not matter to me. But now I would like to wish for the audience just a cracker home,” he explained.

Hofmann no longer wears the sole load

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The mood in Karlsruhe is of course best. For the three victories for the season opener, seven different scorers were responsible, which achieved proud ten tracks. The KSC is no longer dependent alone by Topstürmer Philipp Hofmann, which in Lotte also moved back to the scorer list and achieved three goals at the first two match days of the 2nd league.

Eichner: “The guys are blind”

The recipe for success of the Badener? “We stayed as a team. That’s the A and O. The guys are blind, and that’s a very important base,” said Eichner of the German Press Agency after the pokal success in Lotte.

The team knows that they are always able to shoot goals.

Christian Eichner

In the previous year, the Baden had left in the first round against Union Berlin and also in the 2nd league had given rise to three defeats in a row. That it runs much better is the result of a development process for the KSC coach. “The team knows that they are always able to shoot goals. Almost everyone in our team had a really good year and properly fueled a lot of confidence. That’s the biggest difference,” he finds. Also, the team, which the scorers raised, is now very broader. “And that’s also a big piece of independent,” emphasized the 38-year-old. In addition to Hofmann, Fabian Schlusen, Fabio Kaufmann and the substitute Lucas Cueto met against Lotte.