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Pewdiepie makes another game. Yes, I know another, although I would not accuse you if you did not hear from the others. Pewds also played in Legend of the Brofist and Tuber Simulator. So if you are a true, um, brother (?), Then they have already played them.

Pewdiepie’s Pixelings is the latest game in which the man comes to himself, and we have a simple question we have to face. Is this an authentic pewdiepie experience? Luckily we played the game for ourselves and are therefore the best possible people to answer the question. What is a pewdiepie?

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Just a joke, I know everything about PewDiepie. My friends, with whom I used to work together, asked him as “the guy who screams after horror play”, and in the present time he makes Vlogs and Meme Reviews or the like. I have a friend who watches him, and there’s the feeling, “yes, that seems to be something you would do,” if you know what I mean. Of course, I am the expert here.

After playing pewdiepies pixelings for a few hours, my impressions of how authentic the game represents the man himself.

The voice of Pewds?

Yes, the voice of pewdiepie, the subscriber overlord itself, is in the game, and he is quite generous, fair might.

He reads tutorials, explains menus, dialogues and much more. Although the honest is a pretty strange distraction, as other characters in the game have no votes.

In fact, his own character, Pewds, the only one speaks, though there are pewdiepie alternatives, like PewDreampie. He dreams, do you understand? But yes, why not respond to him, Pewds?

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But yes, if you want to hear the voice of Pewds from your phone without having to load YouTube, this is a great way. Although I have to warn you: At some point he says “Browesome” instead of “Awesome” and that’s terrible.


Although Pixelings are now known today for Meme Reviews, I do not think it actually gives memes?

How … is not the reason why people like Pewdiepie? He just spits a bit of meme? I mean, I did not see him something original or do him, so … what’s he still left?

The answer is actually pretty obvious: not much. Let me repeat: “Browesome” is a word that is used in this game. This is the level of dynamic, interesting humor with which we have it to do. This is a word that reads pewdiepie from a script, and he said, “Yes, that’s enough.”

Racist comments?

That’s what the captain usually learns in the news today and can be skipped, indicating that he hates other races or cultures really casually.

Fair we all had heated game moments. A friend of mine once threw his Xbox 360 controller against a wall when he lost in Halo. And it’s exactly how I said it at that time: “That seems to be an immature overreaction.”

I do not think that PewDiepie is really a massive racist, mind you. He allows massive racists only by being super casual with the language they like, and sometimes follows them on Twitter.

12 years old army?

In Pewdiepie Fandom there is a joke that states that his fans are every 12 years old. Urkomisch, because only Tweens and my aforial friend who has the taste of a 12-year-old could possibly enjoy pewdiepies content.

Except I’m not sure if it’s a joke. Nowadays, the Youtube content of PewDiepie is not necessarily slippery, but it is certainly not something you would expect to be broadcast on TV on a Saturday afternoon. But it is certainly the kind of explicit content that they would be mature and brave if they were 12 years old.

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And interestingly, what is left, shocking … sterile if you have all controversies and memes removed. Pewdiepies Pixelings, as I demonstrated with “Browesome”, are a game without humor, and it’s hard to imagine that Pewdiepies name is here for some other reason than to make some money. At 12-year-olds, I assume because I can not imagine that anyone plays this trip differently because of his internet swarm.

So yes, actually it is pretty authentic, all in all.