F1 2021 on PS5: Developer remove Next-Gen function

Actually, we expect updates that you add new content to our games. In the case of F1 2021 on the PlayStation 5, however, exactly the opposite happens. After Raytracing has already been temporarily removed from the PS5 version, it now also meets the 3D audio function with the current update 1.06. According to Codemasters, however, the feature should quickly find his way back into the game.

In the patch Notes it says:

“3D audio for headphones was temporarily removed on the PS5. We will add it again as soon as the associated audio problems have been eliminated.”

That’s behind it

Obviously, there are problems with F1 2021 on the PS5, which have to do with the Next-Gen functions. Both raytracing and 3D audio led to difficulties in the stability of the racing game. Therefore, the features were removed in the meantime until the construction sites of Codemasters can be closed. RayTracing was removed with the Update 1.02 and added again with Update 1.05. It should be similar with 3D audio.

PS5 Exclusive: The versions for Xbox Series X / S and PC are not affected by the problem. And the Last Gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One do not support these functions anyway.

Next Changes: Of course, update 1.06 also brings other innovations, and these are less negative. First and foremost, various bugs have been resolved, for example compatibility problems with Thrustmaster steering wheels. In addition, some aspects of the game were subjected to balancing. All patch notes in the overview can be found on the official homepage of EA.

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F1 2021 is a great racing game

Do not quit from the temporary difficulties, with F1 2021 you can do a little wrong as racing game fans. In our large test report, College Dennis reports why the game was able to put a spoon on a spoon in comparison to the prevailing predecessor. In addition to the actual races, the presentation and the many extensive game modes can convince.

How do you like F1 2021?