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Boss Bosse with these cheats and tips for Cat Quest II

If you are an Apple Arcade subscriber, you probably already played Cat Quest 2, the continuation of the pioneering cat role-playing game Cat Quest. Cat Quest was recently for cell phones for free and allows a whole new wave of people, in addition to the fun action-rpg gameplay a series of sweet and pawful puns to enjoy.

  • CAT Quest II has been updated and now contains a new game plus mode

If you are an Apple Arcade subscriber who has not played Cat Quest 2, or a new Cat Quest player who wants to play the sequel, we are here to help you. First, we will dispel your fears: Cat Quest 2 is more the same, but just as good as always, with the new turn of a second protagonist.

In this adventure, you can use both Kitty warriors, each with their own skills, weapons, equipment, magical attacks and much more. For everything you need to know about playing Cat Quest 2, read our combat tips below …

1 better with friends

Since there is a second protagonist in Cat Quest 2, you can finally enjoy the game in Koop mode. Connect a few controllers via Bluetooth, sit down next to a friend and you can enjoy the game.

If you use both characters, you can add massive damage to enemies and defeat some of the scary opponents in the game. All you have to do is make sure that both you and your partner use all the skills in your arsenal and improve yourself while you go.

But of course this is currently quarantine season and playing with friends is not always an option. Instead, they can of course also play solo.

2 solo scrambles

If you play alone, this game is much more similar to the original cat Quest, but the second protagonist is still there and you can still use them during the fight.

The first thing you can do is observe the health and magic of both characters to keep both healed, and then switch between them to dominate fights.

This is particularly important in the game especially if you either specialize in melee or magic and use these affinities against weak opponents.

3 magic attacks

Both protagonists will come with their own magical attacks, and of course these attacks are better used against certain types of enemies. Therefore, if possible, you should switch to the character that has advantageous magic.

Change to need against an opponent, where magic is a necessity to the protagonist who has the most magic, and use its skills.

Basically, the key to the use of both protagonists is to ensure that they are willing to change at will and often between them.

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4 Back to the basics

But Cat Quest 2 is greatly based on the original, and in the original you have to worry about it, if you attack and dodge, and that’s right.

Enemies have red AOE effects around the places where attacks you devastate, and you just have to go out of the way if you can. It’s that easy.

It is easy to think too much about it at the beginning of the game, but if you compete against mighty enemies, this basic rule will get you alive.