“Atomic Society” officially released to rebuild the city in the collapsed world after nuclear war!

Far Road Games has released the official version of the end-by-end town development simulation game “ Atomic Society “, which was conducting early access from October 2018.

This work is a game that rebuilds the city in the world after nuclear war. The player will be a single-purpose god, not a single leader, will meet the desires of people and to solve crimes and social issues while expanding the city. GAME * SPARK is an early access version, but please take a look at the play repo.

The price of “ATOMIC SOCIETY” is usually 1,520 yen and 20% off until August 17th. In the last development blog, the tips of development, hardships, and the tips obtained from experience are told, so if you are interested, how is it? “I refused all the publisher offer to protect my pace” …).