Atomic Heart: Polishing started, two ends and more detail

Mundfish has confirmed that “Atomic Heart” is in the polishing phase, which lets you hope that the announcement of a publication date is no longer too long to meet. But you still have to wait.

“Generally, we can not call you a release date at the moment, as there are one million small nuances, starting on factors that are outside our control (localization of the game in other languages), to the mood and atmosphere within the team, which of course Worsen when we have to move the date, “ So Mundfish .

“But the most important thing should you know: never we could say, ‘The game is done, now it’s in the phase of polishing and final assembly’. And now, recently, we said this sentence – and he is true. The long wait has almost an end, we promise it, “it continues.

Last gene versions not discarded

In addition, a few additional details about the project were revealed, which includes the performance of “Atomic Heart” on the PS4. “We have a good, stable performance, we will definitely not give up the last-gene version and we do everything that is possible to optimize the game so that it also likes players with low hardware configuration.”

You can also adjust to two different ends. However, do not expect too much freedom of choice, because “Atomic Heart” is not a RPG. Rather, the title “a strict linear action” offers, so no “incredible variability” is part of the equipment.

“We have placed an important moral decision in the hands of the player, because we want to encourage the community to discuss the topics we have set out in history. We want you to draw your own conclusions and meet your own decision without being influenced by higher powers, “says the makers.

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“Atomic Heart” should be released at an unknown time for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. More about the game Experiences you in our topic overview.

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