According to reports, WB Games Batman, Harry Potter and Rocksteady wanted to announce new game on the E3 2020 – batman – Video Peeling news, instructions, exemplary procedures, reviews and cultu

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The company had reportedly plans for a great presence at the now tagged show.

ESA has just officially confirmed that the E3 2020 was canceled due to “increasing and overwhelming concerns about the COVID 19 virus”. This is of course a decision that relates to several developers and publishers who may have planned to make important announcements for upcoming games at the event. Such a publisher should be how it turned out to be Warner Bros.

In a report on the cancellation of the event, Jason Schreier of Kotaku spilled the beans that had planned WB Games for the orientation of their own E3 conference this year, which would have been a premiere for them. At the fair, they wanted to announce three megatonna games – a new batman title, a harry Potter RPG and the new game developed by Rocksteady Studios.

There was a lot of anticipation for all these games. Speculation on the next Rocksteady game was widespread for a long time, especially in the absence of an announcement in several important events in the past. The Harry Potter Rollspiel The question questioned was already leaked in 2018 and was reportedly in the Avalanche Studios in development. According to recent reports, she should be revealed soon. Finally the next batman game, in development at arkham Origins The studio at WB Games Montreal was in the last few months (and even years) in the center of countless leaks and teasing.

It remains to be seen if WB Games will now organize a separate digital event to reveal these games, or will follow other plans. In any case, the long and tedious waiting for these three announcements continues.

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