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Minecraft Earth gets a big update that adds some new things and fixes others. This includes corrections in adventure mode and even some new mobs.

If you are new in the Minecraft Earth experience, it is a augmented reality game that brings Minecraft into the real world. You can craft and build while looking at your environment. Sitting at a table? Continue and build a bit right in front of you.

Placing minecraft animals in your garden is obviously a great attraction, and it’s always fun to see as you look as part of our world.

The latest update of the game brings some upgrades for adventure mode. You can also expand your adventure with three new mobs.

These mobs include Horned Sheep, Iron Furnace Golem and Melon Golem, on which they can go. You will be rewarded for your efforts if you bring the smackdown to these groups.

How to highlight Touch Arcade, collect experience by killing them during an adventure. So you will not kill mobs anymore and see no reward for your efforts.

Another great innovation for Adventures is that they are generally much worthwhile. You will be able to break adventure chests that can bring you some sweet rewards.

The good thing is that these chests apply to all levels of adventures. Whether you play ordinary, unusual or rare adventure, there is always a chest for you.

And then of course there are some great corrections. The damage of skeletal wolf has been fixed and the user interface offers better results.

So there should be many new things in which you can immerse yourself. Just pay attention to these creatners and you can get started.

Minecraft Earth is available free of charge on Google Play and the AppStore.

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