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The industry symbol skips the event.

The industry Elevation Conference E3 awaits a great change this year. Sony skips the event again and it looks like Nintendo may not be. Now it looks like another blow here is. One of the greatest icons of the game industry announces that he will also skip the E3 2020.

In conversation with the Hollywood reporter, Keighley confirmed that he will not go to the show this year. He said it was a serious decision of his side and still wanted to support the developers who will be present. Keighley seems to feel comfortable with the direction in which E3 goes.

“In the last 25 years, I participated in each Electronic Entertainment Expo,” said Keighley. “Covering, hosting and sharing E3 was a highlight of my year, not to mention a crucial part of my career. I have discussed what I should say about the E3 2020. While I want to support the developers who present their work, I also have to be open and honest with them, the fans, what exactly from me is to be expected. “

Geoff was one of the many years of figures in the game industry and founded the Game Awards in 2014. This event has become one of the largest games and is even greater than E3 in many ways. It is not clear that Keighley feels uncomfortable, but the opportunities are likely to be related to the recent announcement of ESA that the show 2020 is more based on celebrities and influencers than the previous ones. In any case, the icon that is not part of E3 is a blow because it hosted the popular Colosseum segment, highlighting the games and creator.

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