World of Warcraft 40 Warriors VS 40 Warlocks – one side is defeated

Which profession in World of Warcraft is best in pure professional warfare? One of them wanted to find out and let 40 wizards fight with 40 warriors. Which work is the strongest in World of Warcraft? One can certainly discuss this long and broad topic. But player Rextroy will find out the answer as his job in the open battle. In his latest video, he asked: Who will win the fight between 40 warriors and 40 wizards?

How did he do it?

In World of Warcraft, you can try out with other players. This is not an honor, but in a war game, you can choose all participants yourself to determine exactly who will play against whom.

Why did it end so soon?

This is mainly due to two situations. On the one hand, with their hell beasts and shadow fury, the wizards have enormous area damage and coma and soon brought the first batch of warriors to the threshold of death.

But lag also plays an important role here. As a result, many characters, companions, and spells have experienced delays. These are usually more problematic for melee fighters because melee attacks are more often canceled than executed. On the other hand, it is more common in the case of spells than it is still being cast because long distances rarely cause the target to no longer be detected.

The warrior was crushed:

The result is obvious. In the course of 5 rounds, the Warriors were crushed every time. Rextroy wrote this result in his video description:

Round 1: Warlock kills 40 times, Warrior kills three times

Round 2: Warlock kills 39 times, Warrior kills 16 times

Round 3: Warriors 39 kills, Warlocks 28 kills

Round 4: Warlock kills 38 times, Warrior kills ten times

Round 5: Warlock kills 38 times, Warrior kills eight times

Warriors can only book around by themselves. Otherwise, no matter how they adjust their strategy, they will be repeatedly defeated by the warlock.

Does this mean that fighters need buffs?

Of course, the purpose of the video is to be more attractive, not to analyze which method is better. Generally, the professions in PvP will work with other players anyway, and each trade has a place there. Only in class stacking is there such a huge difference that makes it seem unambiguous.

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