Why start Hunt Showdown immediately on STEAM, PS4, or XBOX ONE

Crytek’s shooting game Hunt Showdown (PC, PS4, Xbox One) has many innovations. In the broadest sense, Hunt Showdown is a shooter who doesn’t shoot. Sound crazy? The game will take you into the western fantasy scene of 1895, making you the person you always wanted to be: a monster-hunting cowboy with a shotgun and axe. Hunt Showdown is a so-called PvPvE (player-to-player-to-environment) shooting game. Therefore, you can fight against the environment and other players at the same time. The basic structure of the game involves finding clues about where the monster is hiding. Then you have to find the beast, kill it, send it back to hell, and then take the loot to one of the three extraction points. You have to survive there for 30 seconds, and you win. When you do this, up to 10 other players are trying to do precisely the same thing. You are playing in a team of two or three players. In a round, up to 12 players try to attack the monster. To add extra excitement, Hunt Showdown has a permadeath system. Once your bloodline reaches level 10, you will lose your hunter and everything it had when you died. There is no way to be born again.

Why is it worth it now?

Developers have provided much new content for their games in 2021. Hunt: Showdown is now more suitable for beginners than ever. With the significant update of 1.6, new maps and major live events are coming. On a new map, players have one thing in common: they have no knowledge advantage.

Even if it has not been confirmed, it is likely to be available again. You can buy the game for 20 USD at the last big event instead of the usual 40 USD. All you need is the base game-countless DLCs are essentially decorations.

What is the difference between the platforms?

Hunt Showdown is available on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. Cross-playing, that is, playing or fighting against each other on different platforms, is impossible. Otherwise, the difference is limited. All platforms are bustling. If it weren’t for 4 AM on Thursday, you would not have waited more than two minutes for any version of the game.

One thing that bothers some console gamers is the update. Players on PC can automatically choose to play games on test servers and try new updates in advance, but you cannot do this on consoles. Even if the update finally goes live, PC players usually receive updates a few days in advance.

How important is noise?

Hunt Showdown has a lot to do with sound and the environment. There are no visual cues in the game about how many players are still alive, let alone where they might be. However, the world is full of noise-making things. Of course, the most important thing is the rifle and the pistol itself.

Of course, there are weapons with silencers, but you can still hear them from 100 meters away. The loudest roar, Nitro Express, can even be heard across the map with one blow. This closes the circle in the first sentence of the article-you never want to shoot for no reason. There are several reasons.

With just one shot, you can show that you are there and show your relatively precise location. In addition, the ammunition in the game is very limited, and each weapon sounds unique. Take Nitro Express as an example: The weapon has only six rounds and requires special ammunition that is difficult to find. Therefore, if an experienced player hears you shoot a few times with Nitro, he will know where you are, and your ammunition has run out, and if he listens carefully, you have to reload.

What is still noisy?

It’s not just shooting itself that produces noise. The broken glass on the floor, the ducks in the pond, the branches that would break when they walked past them, and of course, the sound of their footsteps. In Hunting Duel, you can creep, but you will never be silent. Everything you do will make a sound. A player who listens carefully can even hear it when you look through binoculars because your character will breathe loudly.

You will be completely silent when you stand still, and you want to avoid this in shooting games.

How is the progress?

Just because your hunter dies in the game, and then you lose does not mean that you haven’t made any progress. In addition to competitions, you can also gain experience in bloodlines. As your pedigree level increases, you can unlock new skills, new weapons, and new equipment, and then you can use them to equip your hunter.

You can also make money by successfully extracting loot. You must use this money to buy the items you want to give to your hunter in battle. There are cheap guns like Winfield, which sells for about US$40, and the Nitro mentioned above Express, which sells for slightly more than US$1,000.

But this does not mean that everyone is playing Nitro, and you have no chance to use cheap rifles. Each weapon in Hunt Showdown has its advantages and disadvantages. The headshot of any weapon is deadly. More than once, it happened to me because Winfield found me stupid, and I lost thousands of dollars.

How can my hunter become better?

Every round your hunter survives, his level will rise to 50. For each, he will get an improvement point that can be put into passive skills. So if you play very carefully and focus on keeping your hunter alive, it will also become more robust.

Passive skills include faster-shooting speed, quieter movement, longer sprint time or more endurance, etc. But equipment is also essential, so the detoxification syringe can protect you from annoying visual effects when you are poisoned during the game.

How can the game be more friendly to beginners?

In the past few years, continuous updates have made the game more suitable for beginners. Therefore, you now have beginner protection and will not lose your hunter until your pedigree level exceeds 10. In addition, there is now a tutorial that rewards you with enough dollars to save you from worrying about money for a long time. Therefore, you can relax at the beginning and try the method that suits you best.

Hunt Showdown will also provide you with a series of new hunters for you to recruit after each game. The one on the far left is always free, so you will never be without a hunter, as it was at the beginning of the game.

In addition to the primary game mode, there is also a quick game mode. You can enter the game alone without risk. Here is a free hunter, and the person who survives can take it out and put it in the normal mode. In addition, there are now various small challenges that can also allow you to complete a task without risk. This will enable you to understand weapons and maps better.

Since the last update 1.5, a skill-based matching system will only match you with people who roughly match your skill level. The system will be expanded with the 1.6 updates.

This is how the hunting showdown is played:

Before the start of the game, you choose a hunter and give him the equipment, weapons, and some passive skills you want.

Then you start with two or three people on a randomly selected map.

With the so-called shadow view, you can activate it, and you can find out the approximate location of the next clue.

When you reach the first clue, the map will shrink for you, and the location of the monster will also shrink.

In the distance, you can hear the flying crow telling you that there is a rival team nearby. Since the crows are moving away from the player, you also know that the team is running differently than you.

When you reach the second clue, you will notice that there are hardly any opponents here.

The other team is in the exact location as you. Next comes the tactical exchange of fire. You can decide for yourself. Three opponents, died-so there are six other players left.

After collecting all three necessary clues, the exact location of the monster will be marked on the map.

You hear the continued firefight in the area. So you run because the remaining two teams seem to be very busy.

You find the monster, and you manage to kill it and start the expulsion process. Now you must hold on for about three minutes.

Now everyone on the map can see the location of the monster.

If you carry loot, your location will be marked for everyone on the map and updated every five seconds.

You will be fired along the way. If you jump into the bunker, you can also decide the firefight for you. Judging from the firefights just heard, the third team must have been eliminated.

The tension drops, and you no longer have to keep quiet. Now it’s only to the extraction point, wait for 30 seconds, and then run away with the prey. You win.

Why start now?

With the significant update 1.6, which is expected to appear in a few weeks, a new third map enters the game. This is good for beginners because you have no immediate disadvantage compared to veterans. After all, the map is unique to everyone. It can be said that everyone starts from scratch. In addition to the new map, there will also be an accompanying live event, just like the new monster at the beginning of the year.

These live events continue to bring many new players to the game. The last tournament even set the number of players on Steam to a record high.

Therefore, now is the best time to check out Hunt Showdown if you are looking for a new shooter. The game is now more suitable for beginners than ever. You can expect a fantastic event, a friendly community, and a brand new map, where every player will experience the same new map.

Developers are very active in expanding their games with new content. New monsters, new ammunition, new weapons, and new skins have been introduced this year alone, so now it’s more than ever for returnees to restart the game. More worthwhile.

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